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Lundy and English Water’s Diving

English waters, you may think, hey you’re an Island Nation diving there must be a breeze, pop down to the coast, jump in the water …. oh I wish it were so simple! I live about an hour and a … Continue reading

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Back from the Edge

Back from a great holiday, having done some fun things, diving of course, which the pics show was pretty good! If a little colder than in July.  These pics were taken on our first and last dives on the house … Continue reading

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Computers and Diving

A small  peek into the art of diving, with a computer.     Ever wondered why stuff that is lost, is always in the last place you look and not just the last place because you stop looking after that.? … Continue reading

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Why crack an egg, underwater?

  A couple of people have asked me, why would you want to crack an egg under water? And the answer is …….. To show the affects of pressure. On an Advance Open Water course students get to go beyond … Continue reading

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Diving – things you may want to know- or not as the case may be!

Having just booked another trip to Marsa Alam in the Red Sea, and getting impatient to get diving again and away from the cold. I thought I’d do a few …… (or it may end up as just the one, … Continue reading

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