A Virtual beginning, a first date and Passion, Two poems for Valentines Day

 Unreal Man

He said, stand back
won’t put upon
your shoulders are not
broad or strong
My problems are my own you see
and you can’t take that weight for me!

So here’s the truth
you need to know
the perfect man I’m not
and so
I’ll tell you now ‘fore it’s to late
And you will think I’m not so great

She shouted mate you’re
not alone,
we all have faults
we call our own
and don’t you think I’ll change my mind

a nicer man I couldn’t find

So for coffee
not a date they went
so she could see quite
what he meant
but Essex girls they are quite dumb
as he walked away she thought…..


                                                     Nice Bum!




You reach across and here I am
You kiss my hair, my face, my lips
you soothe my skin with fingertips
I feel your hand you brush my thigh
your breath comes fast you start to try
You reach inside I feel your weight
with passions dawn you stop – to late
you shiver as I touch your skin
your lips meet mine your tongue within
We move together our rhythm flows
faster now your heartbeat goes
the end it comes you groan, I sigh,
I feel your hand upon my thigh …..
                                                        waiting ….!


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35 Responses to A Virtual beginning, a first date and Passion, Two poems for Valentines Day

  1. Captain says:

    The first one made me laugh but I like the second one… It fogged up my monitor… Happy V Day Mandi! xOx

  2. Tracey says:

    Great poems Mand! l also laughed at the first one. A little unsure about the meaning of the end of the second one (he finished, she didn\’t?).

  3. Mandy says:

    Thanks you two, the first was based on actual words/facts, and he was wearing leathers, and his bum did look nice, the second, it depends on the mood I\’m in, Trace, to how I see the ending, when I\’m particularly hacked off with men in general, you\’re ending, but either way works! 😉

  4. Tracey says:

    LOL we need to do another bog about the differences between English speak and North American speak. You guys say \’bum\’ or \’arse\’ and we say \’butt\’ or \’ass\’. lt always sounds funny to me cause l think of \’bum\’ as a child\’s word. To me, only children have \’bums\’ lol!!

  5. Mandy says:

    LOL we don\’t really use "butt" except maybe as a cigarette end, the bit you put out! We do use Arse, but it\’s more polite to say bum, (arse is still considered a swear word) and an "ass" is a donkey! (oh and the American "fanny" is somewhere a whole lot more intimate!)

  6. Tracey says:

    LMAO! Us too, ass is more of a swear than butt. After all, butt is short for buttocks! My mom always said bum even when we were grown – l don\’t think she knew any other word – HER mom had British heritage. Now fanny meaning something other than butt is news to me! WHAT could it mean?? :~p

  7. Mandy says:

    It\’s a more intimate area on a woman Trace………

  8. Tracey says:

    Mand! l was joking!! LOL

  9. Mandy says:

    Sorry only just woke up missed the Capital letters emphasise!

  10. Tracey says:

    LOL get some coffee girl!And Mand, l put a funny in a blog last night. l think YOU will think it\’s funny!!

  11. Happy says:

    Humour and passion.Great.Love, or even a hint, sure does inspire.

  12. Mandy says:

    It sure does Happy! ;-D

  13. technogran says:

    Love the discussion on here about our words that we use for different parts of the anatomy. LOL

  14. Cynical says:

    I really need to get back here more often. I could have sorted this out with a haiku quite quickly, I think. Butt I haven\’t been writing many of them recently (except on scrap paper) either.

  15. Tracey says:

    l know he means something by that. . . .And l neglected to say Mand that we also know that \’ass\’ is a donkey and we use \’butt\’ for both the cigg and the cigg end – so the ashtray can be full of butts but we may ask someone for a butt meaning a full cigarette. l think \’fanny\’ as the buttocks was/is only popular among a certain geographic region – southern areas in the States maybe?

  16. Mandy says:

    But what Trace……?What\’s the quote "2 countries separated by the same language"! (the same countries seem to be separated too! LOL) we really are but doesn\’t it make it interesting!

  17. Tracey says:

    Odd how my great grandparents can come from your country, one set of them anyway, yet we\’ve developed different words for the same things lol. And as a write this l think it\’s not odd at all. Canada and the States are filled with peoples from all over the world – they all obviously brought their favourite words with them! Over the generations these fav works got used so much they just got adopted by everyone!OK, now that l have that figured. . . .on to the \’scrap paper\’. . .?

  18. BP says:

    I haven\’t seen you around much lately. I really wish I had your discipline. That way I wouldn\’t be complaining about all of my problems. Woe is me!

  19. Happy says:

    Hello Dear MandyJust popping in to say proper \’Hello\’.Life is good as can be. Have a cold and the usual tissue consumption level at high.YVR weather has been unbelievably sunny although we could use just a bit of rain for water tables.Writing again and I am relieved.Hate word droughts.The new place all in order?

  20. Happy says:

    Just come for a hug.And one for you too.

  21. Mandy says:

    Big hug back Happy! Despite what it says up the top!

  22. Happy says:

    Enjoy yr dogged determination to nail down hey-you-opened-our-address-book-to-the-world via Messenger. So I delete as I find where ppl went to other sites. So true Micropoff won\’t undo because someone somewhere decided we wanted the connectivity of FB. If I wanted such, I\’d be on FB.

  23. Happy says:

    Glad you still visit.wordzoo traffic trickles to a stall.Fortunate for me all the kerfuffle has made me very brave because I have to leave Live Spaceto cyberwalk. Big steps for me.Sending Happy Thoughts for a Happy Planet

  24. Happy says:

    Enjoyed yr comments over at Geoff\’s blogspot (and his eye opening info). It would seem that if WLS has moved their blogs off WLS that, er, this can\’t be good. Must hurdle over my procrastination and think about moving. Ugh. I hate packing. LOL Have a splendid Monday. Big Smiles

  25. Happy says:

    Seems just a bit odd that WLS does not know how to make money off blogging…with bloggers gone who\’s gonna use their social dashboard?

  26. Mandy says:

    TG is over there too, she says it\’s a great site Happy. Seems the thing to do open a new site over there but keep this open so people can get the updates from there too.

  27. Mandy says:

    Actually that\’s a bit wrong she says WordPress is really good!

  28. technogran1 says:

    Looking forward to greeting you all over here when you land! Long live blogging!

  29. wobblyone2 says:

    Well I’m here – sort of, thought I’d better bring the lot over and then sort out about whether I have anything to actually say anymore!

  30. technogran1 says:

    Come on Mandy! It’s what was missing over there since Wave 2! Now that some of my ex Spacers friends have joined me over here, and on Blogger, there’s a renewed enthusiasm arrived. We all lost our enthusiasm for blogging simply because the Windows Live teams gave up on Spaces.


  31. technogran1 says:

    Dear Mandy let’s have some news from you! If you want some pointers on setting up your blog on here then look no further than http://technograns.wordpress.com where I take you through making your blog on here your very own.

  32. wobblyone2 says:

    Thanks TG, need no pointers, half the fun of blogging is working out, for yourself, how to do it,(and lets face it it’s not rocket science) it’s what I did on joining MSN Spaces, when it first started. The other half is having something to write about, and at the mo, I don’t.
    I brought everything over here so it wouldn’t be totally lost, to me, if not the rest of the world. Not that the rest of the world really cares about my scribblings.

  33. technogran1 says:

    You’d be surprised Mandy! No one’s particularly interested in my tales and missives either as no one could lead such a boring life as I do, but…….I still put it in my blog in a similar way that I would write a diary. All depends who you do it all for really.

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