Sweet lies?


Don’t lie to me

I’ll see it in your eyes

if you lie to me

Don’t let me down

I won’t survive

if you let me down

Don’t betray me

I won’t trust again

if you betray me

Don’t blame me

it’s not all my fault

so don’t blame me

don’t find fault with me

I’ll try my best

if you don’t fault me

Don’t hurt me

I’ll not recover

if you hurt me

just trust me

I’ll always stay

if you trust me

Say you love me

but if you don’t then

lie to me

I feel this deserves a bit of an explanetion

I wrote this while watching a TV program, Called Lie to Me, I scribbled it on a piece of paper, (yes real paper, using a real pen!) the program’s about being able to detect lies from small (micro expressions) movements of our faces/bodies, which give away certain emotions, Tim Roth, helps police etc catching crims. 

It wasn’t until I reread later, after posting, that I saw I was actually talking about 2 men in my life, My partner of 20 years, and someone I met more recently and loved. Both are gone, but that’s another story or two. I’m no longer unhappy about either, the first being, still one of my best friends, the second, well just gone.

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17 Responses to Sweet lies?

  1. Jen says:

    Oof. That\’s a toughie.

  2. Mandy says:

    Ooof – yes Jen that does sum it up a bit! lol

  3. Cynical says:

    I prefer the truth. As you saw and commented upon, after spending 42 years with pleasant dreams and fantasies of what might have been, I finally found the person, called her, and a short email ended it. Not only was an end placed, all the dreams and real memories which occurred prior to it were turned from happiness into now stupid lies I told myself, and any future thoughts I might have lost their desirability. I just feel foolish and betrayed. No. I don\’t go in for lies much anymore.Peace, Doc

  4. Mandy says:

    Doc, Your lies to yourself were not lies but hopes and dreams, when all hope is gone, there\’s the tragedy. But the memories are real and pleasant, and you should keep them, without beating yourself up about them.

  5. Jen says:

    Wise words, Mand. Even though I truly understand Doc\’s point.Good morning! Did the weather "rock \’n\’ roll" for you, too, yesterday? It was terrible over \’ere:-(

  6. Mandy says:

    Yup! Jen we had what I call, a tropical storm! (only without the tropical bit!)

  7. FATMAN says:

    I carried a fantasy in my brain about a long gone previous lover who I met and loved deeply. But I lost her and I never really gave up on her for many, many years. Even my wife who knew this girl understood how I felt as I never hid my feelings but always carried a little flame smouldering away in my deepest depths, smothered by my intense love of my now wife… Then about eighteen months ago I wrote a story called \’Love and heartache in 74\’ and as the words flowed from my head I realised I was writing down my own true life loss and pain… As the story progressed I realised I had needed to write my anguish but also I realised that my own wife\’s story with me was intertwined with this story as we met very shortly after my separation from my other lover and that I had known my wife a the same time but from a distance… writing down how I had felt over all these years has finally put out that flame and made me realise how I was destined to meet and fall in love with my wife who is perfect for me…Writing down anything is good for the soul and I really loved reading what you wrote here… Lies are not good but sometimes a little white lie that we know is a lie can be almost beneficial… And maybe each experience moves us on to a better goal… For me, I know I moved on recently to higher realisation of how much I truly love my wife and that I would not have had that if I had taken a different path with the previous lover…I hope you are much happier now Mandxx and find the love you need with whoever you are with..FM X

  8. FATMAN says:

    Sorry that was such a ramble hahahaha Caught me at a romantic moment….On a lighter note…Hows your draws… Rupert has finished with that pair..

  9. Mandy says:

    That\’s a lovely story, Don, my friend (I have loads of friends with such sayings) says all things happen for a reason. I firmly believe that the paths we take, and which we have a choice in, end us up at where we are supposed to be, and all those wrong turns and cull de sacs, just make us who we are.I still ache a bit for the second man, but that gets better, with each day. the torch now just a matchstick! I\’d like to think I\’ll meet another to love – but it\’s no longer a requirement to a happy life – although a hug or two wouldn\’t go amiss!!On lighter note – draws are locked away, the little blighter nicked my best ones!! Happy day Don!

  10. FATMAN says:

    Happy day to you Mandxx… Do you want them back..? They are only half chewed..maybe if you do not have any split cro*ch one they would be OK… I can wash the worse of his slobber off… OH and the mud and woodlice..

  11. Mandy says:

    No it\’s ok Don, Rupert can keep them, now! LOL

  12. FATMAN says:

    Ahhh he was just putting them in the washing machine….

  13. Happy says:

    Really liked capture of how sometimes want to hear the lie, especially in rough and rocky parts when trust getting stretched. The disconnection so hurts and sometimes wonder if better to have loved/lost until feel whole enough to appreciate what was in relationship. Glad you feeling healed/healing and, for me, when the words flow there is movement. Hope there is romance just waiting to surprise you. Take care.

  14. Mandy says:

    Thanks Happy! Who knows what around the corner eh? I\’d like to think my romantic possibilities are not yet condemned to halls of the long forgotten!!Now all I have to do is find a millionaire (is there any left now?) with a private yacht and a penchant for travelling to diving resorts …….. any one seen one lying about?

  15. FATMAN says:

    Hey I have all those things… Shame I cannot actually do any of them hahhaahha Oh and I forgot about the wife beating me as welll Oooop\’s… Hahahha

  16. Mandy says:

    Ah yes Don, \’er indoors wouldn\’t be \’appy!

  17. FATMAN says:

    She beats me now for not doing the washing, cleaning, polishing ceilings… So she would have to get a bigger stick hahaha

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