Take a look!




test2test3test 4

The 2 side by side WITH THE NEW SETTINGS pulled down to update writer!

All three/four – writer, viewed after publishing in in IE8 and after publishing Chrome,

The first line is in Verdana the second segoe

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35 Responses to Take a look!

  1. Jen says:

    I hardly ever change from the default font when I blog, but have used others and get what I ask for on my own screen. You do have the latest updates of everything, Mand? If yes to last; then, this is a bad quirk you\’re getting.

  2. Mandy says:

    The verdana font is default I think, but it\’s not the font tha\’s the problem, it the sizes one size in Writer and another after publishing – smaller! I only used those to cos I didn\’t want to spend all night doing it – it\’s to show TG what happens isn\’t my imagination! (yes everything updated!)

  3. Greg says:

    My first observation is that the brown in the WL Writer editor doesn\’t seem to match your blog\’s black and purple color scheme. Could it be that you need to reconfigure your account setup in WL Writer and let it pull down your blog settings again?

  4. Tracey says:

    Why is it brown? Mine has always been white, no matter the color of my space. Which WAS annoying when l had dark brown module color.

  5. technogran says:

    Mandy its all down to the fact that you are still using XP as your operating system and its contained fonts are rather old now. The new fonts used on Windows Live do not correspond to the fonts that writer (which always uses the fonts \’on board\’ your comp, can use when your creating your blog. I did beleive you you know, just wanted you to see what someone using Windows 7 (and Vista as well) sees, that\’s all Mandy.

  6. Mandy says:

    Now – lets just all assume, Greg, that I actually know what I\’m doing – just for a second!The screen shots are of my other space, which I changed the colour on about 2 days ago, (I hadn\’t changed the sizes of the module or the arrangement just the colour background) – and the operative word here is that\’s my other space, this space hasn\’t been changed in months – yes I have pulled down the blog settings since (probably a couple of times! ) and THIS is the space I blog to, which you see is blue (bit of a give away that) This is what is happening on here each time I blog from Live writer, on here and (yes on the other space too) the pics are representative of that!

  7. technogran says:

    You must also always remember to let Writer learn ANY new configuration and change that you have made to your Space. Just click on Blogs (in writer) then Update Blog Settings, and writer will pop up there, take a look at layout, colours, fonts, theme etc, then all should be tickety boo. When you are in the composing screen in Writer it should look EXACTLY like your Space. Colours everything.

  8. Mandy says:

    TG if you take a look at the pics again it\’s not the fonts – it\’s the sizes writer is bigger! and they are Verdana and segoe both do correspond to both palces which is why I chose them

  9. Mandy says:

    And it does – sorry but please read my comments properly!! THIS space is properly configured with writer as i said and that still happens on it – I used the other space just as an example EXACTLY THE SAME HAPPENS HERE! Which hasn\’t been changed in months!

  10. Mandy says:

    Just so everyone understands – I have updated the other space\’s settings in writer – done a side by side screen shot AND will you look at that Writer\’s font is bigger!

  11. technogran says:

    Writer must be working differently Mandxx in XP. Please don\’t get angry, I am certainly not doubting you or insinuating that you hadn\’t set Writer up to sync with your settings, that comment was aimed at anyone passing by 😉 All programs that you download onto your computer will obviously be have to be configured slightly differently for each different operating system that they are working on I suppose, that\’s the only explanation that this Granny can come up with. Sorry.

  12. Mandy says:

    Sorry TG, but within our conversation, your remark felt like it was insinuating just that, I have been on Spaces A very long time, longer than you and Greg put together I sorta know my way around ;-)I was just getting frustrated at (Greg as well,) (mostly) because even though we\’ve been over this already quite a lot, the fact, that I hadn\’t changed the settings to just give an example of what was happening, so it must be my fault, jumped out at him!Oh what the hell it doesn\’t rally matter in the scheme of things it\’s just an annoying curiosity!

  13. Jen says:

    Where\’s everyone getting "brown" from? The screen is black. Oh gawd, Mand! Poor you. Poor any of us who try to blog about ANY of the Live "stuff"! Look out – here it comes (deep breath)…"We all know what we are doing, and getting! So there!"(No offence), Grrr!

  14. Greg says:

    Surely you can see why your example confused us. When you\’re trying to explain a problem, it helps if you\’re not jumping around so much. Also, I\’m trying to help out someone (again), and I get beaten over the head! I know you guys like to use me as your personal punching bag for all things that frustrate you about WL, but that\’s really out of order. I could have just as easily said, "oh well, mine works, so it must\’ve been something you did." But I didn\’t. I was trying to make sense of it and provide some actual answers. Now, I have an actual job to get back to (it\’s only 3PM here). Have a good evening!

  15. Mandy says:

    LOL thanks Jen! Actually the top one is brown, but it\’s very dark and if your brightness is turned down a bit may look black!But this is the problem we all think we see the same picture/screen/font/size/colour but in fact our own settings skew (sp?) what we see!

  16. Jen says:

    Haven\’t read Greg\’s yet, I\’m answering yours, Mand! My screen is full on bright. It doesn\’t actually come that bright on a lappy. Trust me. It\’s black;-)Oops! \’Pologies. Now, what did Greg say?

  17. Mandy says:

    Then you need new Glasses Jen ……… LOL

  18. Jen says:

    Even bigger \’pologies. Didn\’t scroll right up to the top. It\’s brown. I know it is. Trust me! I saw it;-)

  19. Mandy says:

    See frustrating isn\’t it Greg, when people don\’t understand what you are saying! But it\’s simple really just take the time and think about it, we had already gone over blog Live writer settings, and what was happening was happening on here! This space is blue …… has been this way for a long time. Thanks for your help though and my apologies, for not saying so sooner!have a good afternoon!

  20. Mandy says:

    LOL Jen !!

  21. Jen says:

    Trust you to blog it, Mand. You should know what I\’m like, by now;-) Have a good night.

  22. Dave says:

    Simple, simple, simple explination. No matter what font sizes you set in writer, spaces will strip them out and replace them with the sizes set by the stylesheet. You should have known the answer to that one Greg!

  23. Greg says:

    That\’s complete crap, Dave. Spaces doesn\’t mess with inline formatting, whether you use the style attribute or old fashioned <font> tags. Right-click any post and view the source code to see for yourself. Now you just sound completely uninformed, mate.

  24. Dave says:

    Spaces resizes fonts. Fact. No arguement!

  25. Dave says:

    Look at the pictures!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Greg says:

    Yeah, that\’s the only explanation one could draw from those pictures. You\’re taking shots in the dark, Dave old chum. Mand even admitted that the Writer screen shot pointed to a different space. How about taking a minute to look at the published source code!

  27. Technogran says:

    Dave, take a quick look at my Space to see if Spaces resizes fonts or not. http://technogranny.spaces.live.com/ How come that the fonts in my post are exactly the same size as they appear in Writer down on my desktop if Spaces resizes fonts?

  28. Mandy says:

    But Greg the same happens in both, so whatever\’s happening there, happens here – so whatever causes it,is the same in both spaces. I did only use those screen shots as an illustration, I didn\’t want to publish the test here, but if I had a screen shot of the writers version of this blog the same would appear to happen!So far we have One, You need to update writer/ One, It\’s the stylesheet doing it.One, . It\’s the OS/writer vs spacesOne, Don\’t know One, I no longer careThanks all for your input it\’s been fun, frustrating, but I guess we\’ll chalk this one down to – WHO KNOWS? 😉

  29. Sean says:

    Spaces resizes fonts in my experience.

  30. Dave says:

    @ technogran – The following explination is based on old knowledge, going back to the days when I still tried to do things with Spaces, so it may have changed. But it does explain how the problem would crop up, and was in fact one of the reasons I gave up on spaces……….When your space is sent to the browser for parsing (that is, turned from raw data to a readable website) Odd sized fonts are changed to the nearest \’standard\’ font size set by Spaces to help speed up composition. I seem to remember their were about 18 of them, but I could well be wrong. Although the tags stay, they are overwritten by a chunk of javascript built into the Spaces page. This isn\’t my own explination, it\’s the answer I got from Microsoft when I enquired back in November. If they hadn\’t manage to lose all my old blogs, you would have been able to find a pretty lively discussion about it!Live Writer is somewhat more advanced than Spaces, because the ultimate aim is to make it work with all the major blogging sites (it already does work with several of them). Because of this, it is capable of writing stuff that spaces can\’t actually deal with yet, for instance, it will write javascript for sites that allow it. For those who know where to find this stuff, there is a \’leaked\’ modified dll file out on the web that very effectively \’unlocks\’ writer and turns it into a pretty handy html editor!On the subject of fonts, don\’t forget that they will only show up if they are installed on the other computer, otherwise it will revert to the default font. One thing you can do is to specify a default \’font family\’ in your html, which means that if it can\’t find the actual font, it will look for the closest one it can find. I\’ve written a chunk of javascript that allows me to load fonts along with a webpage to get round this problem, but, alas, Spaces don\’t allow javascript, otherwise I would share it

  31. Mandy says:

    @Dave Tg\’s explanation is that the operating system is what causes (see soapbox) it, I use XP and get it, she uses Windows 7 and doesn\’t, (Sean also gets it using Vista, Thanks Sean, so I\’m not going barmy, 😉

  32. Dave says:

    It\’s much more likely that she is using the more standard font sizes, or very close to, so it is almost unnoticable

  33. Mandy says:

    Oddly it\’s much more noticeable in the fourth screenshot, which was taken AFTER I updated the writer.It also seems to be a bigger difference in size depending on what font I use, so what your saying seems to be so,

  34. Dave says:

    Dave Howeswrote: The other thing to remember of course is that the web is never very precise when it comes to basic html, which is all that Spaces allows these days. The same site can render very differently in different browsers for example. Once you throw a couple of nested stylesheets and a reparsing engine into the mix it\’s not all that suprising that things go a bit wonky from time to time! And to be honest, for most things it doesn\’t really matter.If you do want total control, the only thing to do is to break out of spaces and get a real webspace. Suprisingly easy to do, especially with some of the software available now. There are a lot of places offering free or very cheap advert-free space these days

  35. Mandy says:

    Good point Dave!

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