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New desktop – Great video – MotoGP – House sale

  I thought I’d give you a look at my new desktop picture, I’m showing you because I wanted to put on a video of the second largest aquarium in the world! But nasty little spaces won’t allow me to, … Continue reading

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40 years ago today

I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing, that day! 17 years old, in my first job as a draughtswoman, working on drawings, for a machine, that would be one of the biggest benefits to mankind, since … Continue reading

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Just a quickie! [1]

  After much deliberation, I decided to change my name, to Just Mandy.      I’ve been Mandxx as long as I can remember, it started because I used to sign emails, with handwritten signature Mandy and 2 kisses, but … Continue reading

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Sweet lies?

  Don’t lie to me I’ll see it in your eyes if you lie to me Don’t let me down I won’t survive if you let me down Don’t betray me I won’t trust again if you betray me Don’t … Continue reading

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Take a look!

     The 2 side by side WITH THE NEW SETTINGS pulled down to update writer! All three/four – writer, viewed after publishing in in IE8 and after publishing Chrome, The first line is in Verdana the second segoe

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The train now leaving platform 2, will be stopping at …….. Tower Hill, Monument , The Embankment and all stations to …..

      I live quite close to London, less than 20 miles, from the centre in fact, and apart from 3 years in Oz in the 70s, I spent a lot of my working life, travelling to and from the … Continue reading

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Water certainly helps Brains!

Another cool vid …… also an ad for water! Love his moves, specially the second half!

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