New things I’ve noticed this Morning

Yes …. first lots of new "web activities"!

Now google Chrome gets full use of blog edit, discussion, guestbook edit window. I have the tool bar with all the buttons, Font style, through to HTML. and it doesn’t just open in an HTML page

TG just added a note to my profile page and I replied and both came up as "Mail" top of the home page! (This one’s a bit silly, it takes you to the view message page like when you get a PM)

I can see modules Chrome doesn’t normally let me see!

"Photos of Mandy" under profile details!

And RSS went mad last night I got 139 RSS hits in my stats!

Anymore  notice anymore?

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20 Responses to New things I’ve noticed this Morning

  1. Jen says:

    Too early for me – just got \’ere! (Saw how early you\’d written this). Glad to know you\’ve got some proper bits \’n\’ bobs to play with, now, and that they all work:-) I\’ll have to check the page I blogged and see if any new ones have come in on there as that\’s what the latest Live Team\’s blog was talking about.Here\’s something I\’ve noticed on this page: "Be the first to add a comment". What\’s that all about? Wonder if I\’ve got it on mine?Last night, I was on someone else\’s blog and got a ReCAPTHA thing I had to fill in before commenting. Are we all getting that as well? I\’d love it. Good morning.

  2. technogran says:

    Thanks for the head\’s up Mand. I have only done one of my blogs so far to \’capcha\’ my Facebook updates, the Techy one, will see how it goes. I am going to keep a close eye on how long it takes some on here who asked and requested all this \’social networking, wouldn\’t it be cool if I could see what all my friends are doing online\’ techy types get fed up and switch their updates off as being too busy! I already know of quite a few who switched the twitter updates off after requesting them ages ago. It\’s all a two edged sword this social networking updates lark, as then you end up having hardly any time for doing anything else but reading other peoples updates. They don\’t think things through sometimes or the consiquences such as your life is then \’open for all to view\’ and you can actually be stalked or of course as we are all well aware, get tons of Spam, etc. There is always a downside to everything.

  3. Jen says:

    Went to read their blog this morning and Rob Dolin from WLT wrote about inline editing of our personal messages. Well, I\’ve always been able to do this; both on my Homepage and Profile. Just click on the message and change it. The difference now, since about just under a week ago is that I no longer get a list of former messages, so I can\’t repeat them like I used to, and have to type each one in full, now. (Sniff, sob!)So, you decided on a Font change, aye, Mand? It\’s much easier to read but I loved your other one. (Or did someone secretly come in and "update" it for you)?And another thing – I\’m getting Facebook updates showing and I don\’t use Facebook. Whaaa!!!

  4. Mandy says:

    @TG ….I turned off all but facebook, TG but I get quite a lot going on, on FB, and several friends are on there, so I may turn it off, if it swamps "What\’s new" It makes me wonder though with still no update to our "space/blog page" if they aren\’t trying to phase it out completely, in favour of a "FB" style Utility!@ Jen I haven\’t seen recaptcha, thing yet and to be honest that could get seriously annoying if we have to do it a lot!

  5. Technogran says:

    Mand you have read my mind! just posted a question about it on LiveSoapbox! Gulp! With all the new blogging sites included not only in our Activities but… can also post from them now in the Clubhouse as well, plus we have the spaces team now incorporated into the Windows Live Wire blog! Oh dear, its not looking good is it? And we have all been shouting for our Spaces to be brought right up to scratch! Go on LiveSoapbox Mand and say what you think.!96305593170A6!1417

  6. Mandy says:

    Posting notes ……… what\’s all that about? Notification comes through, on mail, click on it and you get see message, click on that and you go to your notes????

  7. Tracey says:

    Yeah l\’m wondering if l go to messenger or permissions to change that – don\’t need to see my notes in mail.

  8. Tracey says:

    Also, l was quite confused when l saw all the blogging sites too!! WHY?!

  9. Jen says:

    Dunno about "notes" as such, if you mean my message below, Mand – I\’m talking about the personal Message we can each put on our Banner.

  10. Mandy says:

    No Jen we\’re not talking about personal messages, we\’re talking about posting notes on your profile page. but you may know by now what we mean!

  11. BP says:

    I\’m just dropping by to say hello. I haven\’t used this particular product too much, mainly because it doesn\’t work with my voice software too well.I used to get a lot of RSS hits, but I think I stopped writing about interesting things. My how I need to follow my instincts and just write about things I\’m thinking about. My mind is like a bountiful harvest when I am lying in bed watching television, but put me in front of my computer with my microphone on and I dry up like the Sahara Desert.Take care and enjoy the weather. At least I heard the weather was good over there.BP

  12. Cynical says:

    I don\’t like it. But of course I don\’t like much of anything, so take that for what it\’s worth. So far, I get along with Spaces best when I turn off almost every feature possible and never use Messenger.Peace (with a bit of crabbiness,) Doc

  13. Cynical says:

    I just noticed when I went looking through my preferences about what information I wanted to receive, there were almost triple the choices of information sources and the new ones were all checked in favor of receiving them as a default setting. Unchecking them seems to have quieted things down a bit.Peace, Doc

  14. Mandy says:

    Yeah, Doc……. How annoying was that? Nice that Live thought we\’d ALL want All those updates! I\’ve never even heard of half of them! Have unticked all mine \’cept Facebook

  15. Technogran says:

    Looks like none of us are going to make much use of all of these Activities then! LOL. I would rather they busy themselves updating our Spaces page with some fantastic new themes, layouts etc. This is long overdue in my opinion. And don\’t know about you Mandxx but there are lots of things I DON\’T like about Facebook as well. Why can\’t you use your nickname for example? And why oh why do any of the applications need to know your life history and all the details of your friends in order to let you access them? Which explains why I don\’t use them. Far too intrusive for my liking! Who knows what they are doing with all of that information!

  16. Mandy says:

    Yeah TG agree whole heartedly about facebook apps. I rarely add them now and have a stack of invites, waiting to do something with. (ignore probably!) but it seems a bit rude on my part ignore, such invites so I dither a bit! I dunno about updates to spaces, all we\’ve had so far seem to be backward leaps. Smaller comment boxes, HTML gone from guest books, fave fonts removed……… but we can keep hoping eh?

  17. Jen says:

    How\’s about one of us do some screen shots? There\’s loads. Another one in Permissions settings–>Communication Preferences: Tick off "Send me an email when someone posts me a message", or words to that effect, or you\’re going to get far too many request alerts in your inboxes from commenters! Thanks to Tom for that one. I checked it this morning.

  18. Mandy says:

    Actually Jen that was a better idea than you think, Notes are now in there too! They weren\’t before, must be a new addition.

  19. Zeynep says:

    Hi Mandy, Not only pollens, I feel allergic so many things; like spray parfume and milk. Some cleaning agents also… Maybe I shouldn\’t quit smoking, lol. xx

  20. Happy says:

    Had to read other article to refresh memory re. address stuff. I looked at my STATS page and no I do not get 100+ RSS feeds.

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