Stats …. what’s it all mean or my attempt at being techie!

  After a comment left on a friends blog about stats, and because there is a complete lack of helpful, or in fact any, information, on statistics. I decided to do my own little guide. I am quite fascinated by the Stats, not just the “How many” but the “Who” (possibly because, before all the changes, looking in stats and following links {Z} may have found you knew friends!)

Please feel free to correct any errors, this is only as I’ve observed it, over the years, of blogging.

First where do you find Statistics, surprisingly there are still people who don’t know this!

It’s on the top right of your blog page or Space, under options.

See Fig 1.

The first 2 lines are  self explanatory, Total number of views since your space was opened, Page views today, Page views this week and in the last hour.

These are only views to your space, blog, or guest book, anyone visiting just your profile page, will not be recorded at all.

Then we have Date … I think we all know what that means, but for some reason, it switches between a 24 hour clock and 12 hour one. It will only show 24 hours worth of entries, however many, or few.

Page title …. the Page that was visited. ie: Your Space, your guest book,  your blog, photo etc.

Referring Address …. This is the tricky one!



  • A. The cid no. is my own ID, which means the visitor went from my profile page to my blog page. Above A, the visitor, then went to look at my guestbook, this isn’t necessarily so, but probable, if the times are reasonably close together{1}
  • B. This isn’t my cid no. but if I click on it, it will take me to my own home/profile page. To find out where this visitor came from but not necessarily, who they are, copy /paste the address into the address bar but take out “home” or “profile”. I’m guessing that if it says “home” then that would be the the “Who” but if it says “profile” it could be anyone reading, that I’ve made a comment somewhere {2}
  • C. In the referring page column there is nothing, zilch, nada! This means that the person is in a different time/space continuum and the UFO you saw fly over last night, hacked into your wireless connection and had a look around!{3} Above C. is a referring address, Facebook etc, so some one clicked on my link on Facebook. Following that link back will take you to my profile page, on Facebook.{4}
  • D.(reading from the bottom up) They went from my, profile page, to my space, from my space to my blog window, from there, they looked at March’s blogs, then they looked at a specific blog, (line above the red square)
  • You can also see,from time to time, Google or Live search in the referring address column. {5}
  • If some one who doesn’t have permission to view your space, tries to see it, then you will get “Windows – Live Space” in the “page title” column, and nothing in the “referring address column.
  • Any questions?



stats 2

Then we come to fig2 ………….

This is something I hope some one will be able to help me with.

  • B. The normal way that page titles comes up, is always, with “- Windows Live” tagged to the page visited {6}
  • A. But in box A. there are these entries, (no “windows-Live” tag) and as you’ll see, I had a lot of those entries that day. I’ve tried loads of different methods, signed in with different IDs, come from different places BUT “- Windows live” is always there. I even tried “incognito” {7} viewing. I’m still getting these entries but not so many, as that day.

So ………… any ideas?


End Notes{8}

{1} , Mandxx – Windows Live and wobblyone2 etc are the same page viewed from different angles

{2} This is a bit confusing, as we all have 2 home pages and a profile page, (or is that visa versa) and if I’m on my home page it’s not necessarily the same page as you would call my home page because it’s my profile page not your home page because your profile page is also your home page …….. you get it?

{3} No silly, of course it doesn’t but I was getting bored and thought you might be too! It means that they came from “off site”. Probably they typed in my Spaces address into the address bar and visited. (there is a possibility (don’t know) that it could be someone with a hidden IP addr.?)

{4} The phd?id number, if there, will be the who, in this case.

{5} Hey you’ve been googled! Welcome to the club! Putting ANY rude word, in your blog, will get you closer to the top of the google results pages, the more rude words you have, the more you’ll appear in results. The sentence …. “2 naked women having sex” anywhere in the blog, will get you immediately, to the top of the first google results page!

{6} You may not be able to see this, if your space’s name is a long one.

{7} This warning cracked me up, on Google Chrome’s “incognito page” specially the last two …..

Going incognito doesn’t affect the behaviour of other people, servers or software.

Be wary of:

  • Websites that collect or share information about you
  • Internet service providers or employers that track the pages that you visit
  • Malicious software that tracks your keystrokes in exchange for free smileys
  • Surveillance by secret agents
  • People standing behind you

(Nice to see some ones got a sense of humour!)

{8} Thanks Happy!

{Z} Up until the “Big Changes” stats, actually had the name of the person visiting, you could click on their name and go to their site … so much easier!

So if all this reading has made you think/realise that Stats are a good idea, please write to Live team and tell them.

What it’s made me realise is ….

  I really need to get a life!



nice 1


  • For no reason whatsoever!{x}


{x} Sorry guys, get your own pic to look at!

Footnote: Because of the complete lack of information in "Help" on spaces, I’m wondering if Stats are going to be phased out completely. I think that would be a shame, so if you agree, go write and tell Live Team!

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71 Responses to Stats …. what’s it all mean or my attempt at being techie!

  1. Jen says:

    I\’ve always found Stats to be far too confusing! I occasionally looked at them but they never really told me anything. If they gave a proper, easy to understand reflection of what had/has been happening on my site, I\’d have taken more notice and been a bit more prepared to spend the time looking through them! Plus, you never get the whole story. You can have hundreds of supposed stats but are never able to look \’em all up.Still love the rest of Live, though:-)

  2. Ray says:

    I like "Statcounter", not that I\’m nosy, I like it because of the map to see where people are….

  3. Ray says:

    I should add the locations are not exact….LOL

  4. Mandy says:

    I\’ve got feedjit, Ray, it picks up about 3/4 of the traffic, and not any of those in fig2 (or fig3, hehe)

  5. Mandy says:

    @Jen …… yeah I know what you mean, not so long ago, stats had names instead of numbers, there was ONLY your space, you saw it as the edit page, others saw it as your space and you knew, exactly what site the viewer came from, and mostly who they were, but with the advent, of the home/profile page, visitors go there first. so (mostly) all you get is your own, cid number.

  6. Mandy says:

    I see Ray, on a map cool! With feedjit, it gives location,and what system they\’re using. You can\’t block your own visits but you can take them out, when viewing!

  7. Jen says:

    You need to sign in to get this page? Oh – whatever next! It\’s anuvver "403", Ray! Or is that what you meant?;-)

  8. Mandy says:

    Oh and you have to have gone to the actual space for it to register, not just the blog, and the locations aren\’t spot on either!

  9. Ray says:

    Prob \’coz my space is private Jen…..Ermm I\’ll invite you……Thats cool too Mandy…. Here\’s a proper link:

  10. Tracey says:

    l tried to install the statcounter but it wouldn\’t go in – something about java? lt gives a lot more info than fedgit – would love to have it. Like you Mand, l liked the old stats, found it very useful, and an avenue for making friends.

  11. Mandy says:

    To make matters even more confusing …… I\’ve just looked at my stats……. every one in the last hour and a half, says " " in the referring address column …….. That\’s a new one!!@Tracey … I might try statcounter see what happens!

  12. Ray says:

    Maybe you just need to update your Java Tracey? Makesure you are using the code for MSN spaces. It doesn\’t give quite as much info but it\’s enough for me…

  13. Mandy says:

    @Tracey (again) coming back to spaces after a year off, and most of my friends having moved to facebook, the first 4 friends I made was through looking in my stats and following the links, with a few exceptions, all of my friends now, have come from these first 4…….. sadly, and because of the changes, 3 of them have left spaces now

  14. Jen says:

    Private Space? Good move, Ray – and great to Welcome you to my Network. You\’re welcome.

  15. Ray says:

    Thanks Jen… 🙂

  16. Happy says:

    I am wearing a trench coat and wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, so as an incognito I am fairly certain U will be unable to know who has read your instructive post. I thought that ones that just said our name were when we visited ourselves? I remember being told this as I clicked and accidentally found I had a piggybillion hits in one afternoon. I like FeedIT but, as \’R\’ mentioned, locations are not exactly accurate (for example, some members of my anonymous family a) really did move to Chicago or b) did not). You write explanatory text so cleanly. Easy to read info. Also I have a \’friend\’ with great affection for \’endnotes\’ and I know she will enjoy these. – Track me if you can

  17. Cynical says:

    If you look down about halfway on the right column on my site, there is an app that tells you where visitors are from (sometimes) and I believe I read somewhere that some modules would accept and run java script. Have you tried apps like Tor, Anonymizer, or virtualizers in your search? Don\’t know for sure on the latter. In response to your comment, if you are covering its air intakes, don\’t. If you are not, it really, really likes you.Peace, Doc

  18. Mandy says:

    @Doc …….. Thanks Doc, I do have Feedjit, already, on my space, it\’s not that accurate though, putting people in places, I know they don\’t come from, but at least in the right country (I think) I\’ll look up the others you mention!As for my comment, I am very careful, about the air intakes, so I guess I have an admirer!!! LOL

  19. Mandy says:

    @ Happy …..covers been blown! I can see you, hiding in the corner, trying to go unnoticed! One thing I did neglect to mention, but your comment just reminded me of, is, Spaces stats don\’t record your own visits to your space. but of course Feedjit does. So far I seem to have moved to 3 different locations around England! Thanks for the rest of the comment. My fascination with stats, stems from the fact (like Tracey) it was a way to make new friends in the past, now of course, with new setup, you just keep going round in ever decreasing circles!

  20. Ray says:

    I saw a shadowy figure in the corner too…Don\’t get dizzy!

  21. Mandy says:

    Update to techie thingy I have, some emails to publish from Live regarding the stats and what they mean hopefull y get round to it tomorrow …………. I\’m getting lots more of the " " in the stats. I can\’t remember having theses before …….. any body coming here can I ask you a favour? Will you put how you got here, where you clicked that is? In the interests of research that is?

  22. Jen says:

    Easy – My own live.home page and clicked the Update:-)

  23. Jen says:

    Oh BOTHER! That\’s: then clicked Update. Can never remember the bloomin\’ addy;-)

  24. Mandy says:

    HHmmmm … strange I decide to blog on stats … and they bloody change them!!! That is new, previously that would be : cid (your visit is listed as

  25. Tracey says:

    l came here from the link on my home page.

  26. Mandy says:

    Thanks Trace!

  27. Ray says:

    Me too…

  28. Douglas says:

    Mandy;I hacked into your web cam on your PC with the wonderful information on this article you posted. Ray\’s right, I couldn\’t help but notice a dark hooded figure with some sort of shiny metal blade on a bloodstained wooden poll — Is that a scythe or something?I can\’t see his face… LOOK OUT MANDY!!!!

  29. Mandy says:

    S\’ok Doug that\’s just a photo of my ex, made to look bigger, by the fish eye lens on the web cam………. or it may be the secret service, or Happy "incognito"

  30. Tom says:

    It takes a genius to understand. Perhaps that is how the business model of charging advertisers for "search results" is allowed toi survive. I may have a latent profit center, but I can\’t explain it.

  31. Douglas says:

    Okay Mandy, anyway I did take a snapshot and will be on a later post on mine. Spooky looking and had me scared for a second. Cool beans…

  32. Mandy says:

    Yes Tom it seems that way! Especially now that it seems on the eve of my blogging about it, they\’ve changed how stats appear. GGgggggrrrrrr!

  33. Douglas says:

    Mandy;The snapshot is available in my latest blog. Have a good one!!!

  34. Technogran says:

    This is brilliant synopsis Mandxx! You should have it in the Clubhouse. I couldn\’t for the life of me figure out what the statistics all meant, now you have explained it all. Well done. (especially the hunk at the end! Which I had that statistic! LOL)

  35. Mandy says:

    Thanks TG……. Some of it I still don\’t understand and it seems to have undergone an overnight change. making it more confusing! I can\’t see why they changed the system in the first place. Why, when we carry our name with us (when we put a comment anywhere, we don\’t have to say who we are!) doesn\’t stats just say, "soandso" etc visited – do we really need to know where they visited from? Is it a privacy issue? I can\’t see why? If you want privacy mark your space that way! I think I\’ll put this on soapbox maybe a visiting live team member can throw some light on the issues. or some of it anyway!

  36. Mandy says:

    Hey I was googled!! obviously for my Techie blog and Not for rude words !! Results 1 – 10 of about 211,000 for live spaces statistics referring page. (0.58 seconds) Sponsored LinksWebsite StatisticsFree website stats tool fromGoogle. Powerful. Try it! StatisticsReal-Time Website visitor tracking.Test drive with a 7-day free trial! Search ResultsStats …. what’s it all mean or my attempt at being techie …Referring Address …. This is the tricky one! Stats … get “Windows – Live Space” in the “page title” column, and nothing in the “referring address column. …!4E8166ED4D3AFE36!2233.entry – 105k – Cached – Similar pages

  37. Jen says:

    You must have copy/paste(d) that! Well done:-)

  38. Mandy says:

    Of course! How else would I show you!! LOL

  39. Jen says:

    I\’m not such a knuckle-head, then! I just knew I\’d get something right…one day;-) Oh, dealing with software should come naturally to me by now.

  40. Jeffrey says:

    Good post! You should put this in the Clubhouse! I\’m getting a bunch of RSS entries like this:4/15/2009 8:58:57 AM RSS: FriendFeed is you… 4/15/2009 7:59:29 AM RSS: Using Shared Favo… 4/15/2009 7:54:30 AM RSS: Buried Secrets – … 4/15/2009 7:54:26 AM RSS: Finding Groups an… 4/15/2009 7:54:14 AM RSS: Buried Secrets – … But no indication of who the RSS is from??? Also, it\’ll say X number of views in the last hours, but what time zone are they using for the time? For example, my last view was at 9 something this morning, but it\’s only 8:33am here. Is this they viewers local time? It would be really nice if they beefed up the stats! Nice job, Mandy!

  41. Mandy says:

    I left RSS hits alone Jeff, I get a couple, strange, it always seems like some one spying on me!! but I don\’t entirely understand them (I know what they are as such, and how they get here but does it mean the person who RSS\’d sees your blog on their pc without having to visit the space?) Time zone stuff ………. . That can be a bit confusing too! there\’s a couple of other bits that have occurred to me!Thanks Jeff …. not a member of the clubhouse.

  42. BP says:

    I used to get so many people visiting my site, but now it\’s down to a mere trickle. It\’s a shame that Windows lives spaces has become such a graveyard lately. It seems like only us diehards are left.Thank you for coming by, even when I haven\’t been reciprocating lately. I will start getting by more often.BPPS tomorrow I have a manicure schedule. Oh joy. Now I can embrace my metrosexual self. 🙂

  43. Mandy says:

    Yeah BP. I know what you mean, a couple of years ago posting a blog meant 50-100 hits in the first hour, that was with the Updated Spaces, module on your space, and the little yellow stars, people could see you\’d blogged "friends" or not. This blog has barely made 150 hits in 2 days. AND only friends can see if I\’ve blogged and only if it happens to appear on "what\’s new". It\’s a shame but you\’re right, spaces is a bit like a graveyard! Thank YOU for dropping by too!

  44. Douglas says:

    Yeah, it\’s a graveyard as of lately unless you are using MSN Live Spaces as some sort of adult dating service, porn site or something. Then Mandy, expect the "hits." Then expect a bunch of fat old geezers hitting on your "wares" \’er something.Anyway, thanks for being my friend…Doug

  45. Aussie says:

    Thanks for that info as I am one of those that had no idea how to find stats since the spaces changes and thanks for laying it out in the format you have as it makes it easy to comprehend and followIan

  46. caroline says:

    Good Grief! Does it really matter? No offence, but if you\’re that worried about who is or who is not looking at your site, I think you need to get a life!CC

  47. Happy says:

    OK I can see all of your space, including youngish man wearing jammies in the ocean. Wetsuit buddy? Sorry, I digress. I can see you but you cannot see me. GoodGreatMuffins I have gone incognito.

  48. Mandy says:

    @Caroline yes I think I said that in the blog! (and good that you can make an assessment of me with out knowing anything about me.) and this IS an explanation to help other people, who wanted to know, as well. Thanks for your comment though, I knew I was missing something!

  49. Jen says:

    There\’s always one, Mand;-) Good morning! Shucks – it\’s dark today.

  50. Mandy says:

    Good Morning Jen, yeah it is here too! Yes there\’s always one! I have to wonder how she found me in the first place, we have no mutual friends (she has only 6 anyway) space hopping maybe (and I need to get a life?)

  51. Jen says:

    So do I, Mand. I\’ve been sitting here for far too long;-) After reading yet more statistics about people spending their free time online – well, guess they lied. This is not my free time! Oh dear.Could be that this person resides in a Group you\’re in? Just a thought – meaning, I\’ve set my own site to only be viewable by my Network, but I still get people zinging across my profile and leaving Messages. \’Outsiders\’, however, have to ask permission to view my Space? Me = confused:-D

  52. Mandy says:

    yeah I guess it\’s possible? my space is open, so anyone can comment. Off shopping in a bit Megan\’s 1st birthday next week!

  53. Jen says:

    Oh, lovely. Well, you have a happy day and may she have a lovely Birthday:-)

  54. Ray says:

    @ Jen I believe, not sure though, that any messenger contacts that have you on their list, can see your space. Even if you have deleted them from yours…..A nice day to you both… 🙂

  55. Jen says:

    No worries, Ray – I have Messenger but don\’t use it for Spaces contacts. But I feel sure that people in the same Group must be able to circumvent some of the restrictions! Just a guess…and yes. I do that that was a big word;-)

  56. Mandy says:

    Isn\’t that where Jewish baby boys get the chop ………………. ? *snigger*

  57. Jen says:

    What, circumvent? (How could she make type that again!)

  58. caroline says:

    Think about it for a minute. Don\’t we all make assessments about each other based on what we post? How could I possibly know you or you me even if we blogged back and forth every day. I know the people I work with very well as I see them and intereact with them in the real world every day. The cyber world is not real despite so many folks wanting it to be so and even acting as if it were. Think about the people who meet on-line, fall for each other, and then meet in real life. I\’m a family therapist. I\’ve counseled several of them. Fortunately, some break up before marriage. Others marry the fantasy and then go to couseling when the fantasies fall apart and the marriage soon after. Actually, this is the first time in a long time I\’ve posted any kind of comment. I\’m in the middle of a project and am just taking a few minutes away from it. Thanks for the opportunity. Usually I just read and slip away into the night. CC

  59. Happy says:

    Actually it was a bunny with a pancake on its head? Please come back Mandy. We put dancing cows up for you 🙂

  60. Mandy says:

    @Caroline chickadee. No, I don\’t think we make assessments based on one blog ( or at least, my friends don\’t) doing that is about as useful as judging a person, on the colour of their shoes, on one day in May. Which is a bit odd coming from a therapist. If we make judgements, at all, it\’s based on several blogs, and comments.Had you read my blog on being a diving Instructor, and/or my poetry blogs, and my attempts at humour, had you looked at my profile, any of my photo albums, and made your comment, I may have worried that I did need to get a life. But on this one blog ? I don’t think so. So I went to look at your space, I couldn’t because you’ve shut it down, I looked at your profile, it says little, your friends list, only 6 in it. (No mutual ones) – And I wonder have YOU missed the point of the game?I think we are fully aware that this isn\’t the real world, and your analogy to internet marriages is inappropriate, this isn’t a dating site, just a way to make contact with the outside world. Much like having penpals. But a lot easier. I see you have to justify, your reasons for being on here …….. I don’t!

  61. Happy says:

    I am not lurking. Was just enjoying the comments, particularly about graveyards. Facebooking is the new trend; and twittering. Spaces is for some who still like to write paragraphs, share poetry, rant and extend communication beyond \’I had a ham sandwich for lunch.\’ I did not. That was faux example. I trawled through some twitter sites and it felt like very old chatroom. I am amazed that some report having 150-300 (?) when a blog posted. This returns to that big November\’08 shift when the \’big\’ change seemed to disappear. I have no idea how to discover how many spaces there are/are not. Also I do cybercruise once and awhile but there are quite a few (stats talk) with maybe 1-3 strong months of blogging and then no entries. So, perhaps, blogging is a test of endurance. Anyhoo… I am just an anonymous commenter who found you by googling said recommended phrase re. individuals showing mucho skin. 🙂

  62. Happy says:

    Rats seemed to disappear many spacers or disappoint.

  63. Ray says:

    LOl…..said Ray, leaving a comment and disappearing into the night.

  64. FATMAN says:

    Great blog mandXX.. And stop posting pics of me washing in the ocean…

  65. Mandy says:

    @ Fatman, that\’s you …………. which way\’s Cornwall …..?@ Ray ………. just LOL!@ Happy … Thank you anonymous blogger, for valid observations!

  66. Jen says:

    Forget Cornwall, Mand See his latest;-)

  67. BP says:

    Just dropping by to say hello. Hope everything on that side of the pond is going okay. It appears the weather is doing pretty well.Thanks for dropping by.

  68. Rory says:

    wow, examining stats! Also, I didn\’t even realise that old picture of me was still knocking around the internet … I feel so ashamed ……… really….. I\’m the one of the left eating the carrott…..

  69. Sean says:

    Wow, cool blog! you have that many comments in here you need your own WWW. I too am very dissapointed in what has become of our Stats pages. With the implimentation of the Profile and Home pages and the destruction of our "Recently Updated Spaces" module on our pages, we no longer get to see who it is and where they came from. Unless we know what the individual CID numbers of each of our visitors are, then we cant see who it is. Also, because our visitors are generally coming from our own profile page, we only get to see how they got there. Most of the time it would be the people in your own network. Mabey the bot crawlers are the ones that leave no Windows Live Tag. I once had a blog viewed by someone who typed it Edna Kebapple – sex. That was probably the most interesting stat I\’ve ever had. Then there was a time someone landed on my page via a chatroom in MySpace.Yesterday, I was getting page veiws from a mobile phone!I find it very interesting when I get stats. You can see who it was that viewed your page if they are a Windows Live Member sometimes if you copy the link and modify the end of the string. If they veiwed you Space directly from their own profile page.

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