Ibs update, 3 mile island and a fart in a wetsuit!


So, after the great response and helpful suggestions from you all, after my IBS scream for help, I’d like to just thank you, all, and give you a quick update.

First, I actually slept better that night than I had for aaages! (So maybe it’s true a problem shared, is a problem halved) bang

I managed to get a doctors appointment, and at last, he  really sees this is a real problem, and started to help. First he was a little concerned with the lack of fibre, In my diet because of all I’ve cut out, so suggested I use “Fybrogel Mebeverine” I said that if it gives me any more wind, he might have to put out an air traffic warning, when I floated away! But he says it will be a case of trial and error. He also gave some pills to help me sleep, I took them last night and slept like a baby! Well up until 2am, when after a blackout, the power came back on and all the burglar alarms in the vicinity, mine included wenExerciset off! But thankfully I fell back to sleep right away!



Jen suggested some gentle exercise. I had already joined a gym and had my induction today! So will probably ache like hell tomorrow! And forget about the tummy aches!


Jeff wondered if I May have been near 3 mile Island in 1979, I don’t think I was Jeff but thanks anyway!

Seriously folks ………. as some of you know – I don’t do mushy! (hey I’m British) but thanks for all your help, and Happy’s PM titled “Burp … flatulance … tired” I have taken note of them all!

And finally……. After Another suggestion by Jeff, to do with the plausible deniability issue …..fart in a wetsuit Good humour never offends me Jeff 

Thanks for the giggle!


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14 Responses to Ibs update, 3 mile island and a fart in a wetsuit!

  1. Steve says:

    I\’m sorry I missed the original post. Especially the "fart in a wetsuit" which I can imagine, sort of! But anyway, I\’m glad to hear that you are feeling better and the doc seems to be making some progress.

  2. Ray says:

    Great picture Mandy….LMAO!

  3. Jeffrey says:

    I am SO glad that you don\’t think I\’m the most insensitive bastard in the world! I really worry that my attempt at humor is, well, just not funny. I mean, it is to me. People just don\’t get it. But you did! And I have to say, that plausible deniability picture is going to make me lose control of my… um, er, … Anyway, I\’m really happy that you\’re outlook is improving and your spirits are up. I can\’t stop laughing!!! Help!

  4. Mandy says:

    That\’s ok Steve but if you want to see it, it\’s the one before this one!

  5. Douglas says:

    Hahahaha…. Gasp, Hahahahaha…..

  6. Jen says:

    Ah, yeah! Last pic is a hoot! Or is that a boot? No, it\’s a hoot;-) Take care woman and wish you an easier time of it.

  7. Tracey says:

    Getting good sleep makes a big difference! And HEY, l suggested fibre too! Kind of. There are more than one kind Mand, so if one gives you gas, another one may not. The Metamucil products give me gas but Prodium works fine. We used to have a Prodium the was little brown granules, lode it up on a spoon and swallow with water like it\’s a pill. l found it the easiest to take, then it got discontinued. Now l have to drink it, bummer. Glad you\’re feeling a bit better.Yes l did send the card–to myself first and forwarded to you. l believe that way nobody gets your email.

  8. Happy says:

    Well Good Evening, yes problem shared is halved…so given all of my \’sharing\’ I have like .0020 of a problem now? Glad you are feeling better and sleep is yummy and as others nag me sleep is that down time when body does repair work. Blueberry pie is good fibre food… 🙂 So I stayed off line as I did take computer virrus warning seriously and here is everybody chatting away and yukking it up and have a great time. Have splendid evening and sweet dreams. TX for Guestbook Hello, very sweet. 🙂

  9. Mandy says:

    @Trace ……. I did have in there somewhere near the fibre bit "(Tracey\’s suggestion)" I don\’t know what happened to it, How very strange! I have to drink that stuff too …. it\’s orange flavoured and lumpy!!Thanks for the eCard……. I do get spam emails from Ecard sites saying somebody I\’ve never heard of, has left a card for me so I was a bit wary!

  10. Mandy says:

    @Happy ……. after 3 good nights sleep in a row, I\’m feeling much brighter. Blueberry anything has only in the last couple of years become available over hear and I love Blueberry Jam ……… I just know I would love blueberry pie too! any recipe suggestions would be received with drooling gratitude!

  11. Happy says:

    Ah, a request for a blueberry pie recipe. It shall be done. Dear Mandy I am so glad you feel improved. That sleep thingy so essential for feeling that medical/health events aren\’t overwhelming and overpowering dwindling psychological resources. So glad improvement. Happy for you. I must log off. Arthritis better but fingers still like swollen sausages. This too shall pass. Have the most splendid day.

  12. BP says:

    I can relate to this more than you would think. I really think I have IBS, but so far they have attributed the majority of my problem to an extreme lactose intolerance. Right now they have me taking three large tablets of Lactaid anytime I eat anything which is processed or that I am not sure about what it contains.It has helped, but I also have difficulty processing tomatoes and many fruits now. To be brutally candid about what\’s going on with me, my butt is on fire right now. Thankfully this has become more of a rarity over the last month and a half than the state of normalcy. I suffered from terrible bowel problems for about nine of the last 12 months.It also gives me fits trying to get adequate sleep. Being a quadriplegic doesn\’t help. The majority of quads I know only sleep for a couple of hours of a time and this is me if I am not under the influence of some pharmaceutical. Last night it took a Benadryl and managed to get to sleep for about 5 1/2 hours.I\’m so glad you came by and left your comments. I like your approach to blogging and I think that is going to become my new outlook on it.Take care,BPPS sorry I didn\’t see your friend request earlier. I hardly ever get onto my main page anymore.

  13. Happy says:

    Good Morning Mandy, hope IBS settling/calming. Have splendid weekend. Hope Spring at its jaunty best where you are! Big Smiles

  14. Zeynep says:

    Hope you are having a nice weekend. Love and peace, Zeynep xxhttp://www.wondercomments.com/weekend/weekend_comment_04.gif

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