Just a woman ……. I think not

Just a Woman 

There are times that I know
when emotions I show
Are because I am just a woman

I’ll be strong when I can
admit I’m wrong when I am
That’s because that I am just a woman

There are times I’ll be bad
make you wish that I had
because that I am just a woman

they’ll be times when I’m hot
show you the angel I’m not
that’s because that I am just a woman

I can cry when I’m glad
I can smile when I’m sad
that’s because I am just a woman

I’ll be soft to the touch
hope you want me as much
that’s because that I’m not just a  woman

There are times that I’m glad I’m a woman
…………And there are times that I’m not.

Or Just a Man

And because you’re a man you have to be strong
And because you’re a man you can never be wrong
And you always know which way to go
And the map is wrong and you’ll tell me so

And when you cry no one should see
Because that’s not what a man should be
And if you are right, you’ll let me know
Weakness is something you cannot show

But it’s not always how you have to be
And if you must, you can rely on me
And I won’t tell a single soul
Because you’re a man no one else should know

But once,  just once, just try to see
That things aren’t always as they should be
And sometimes let me be strong
And sometimes try to admit you’re wrong

And give an inch, I won’t take a mile
And hope that I might make you smile
At the things that  I may do wrong
Because you’re a man
……………and it’s why you’re strong.


Two poems by me.

A light hearted look at the sexes from a woman’s

(as that’s the only one I’m qualified to give)

point of view!

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12 Responses to Just a woman ……. I think not

  1. Douglas says:

    Mandy;Came by to read you. Like the poem, and I for one, that is something that I just cannot do. Nor is it that I can write for children — It\’s not in me to do so. Realizing this, I fully accept it and treasure those who can write poems and things. Cool beans…I loved the poetic works of Edgar Allen Poe, and those of the same likes. Of course Mandy, I am one of those wonderful men who like you elude to toward the end of the poem who isn\’t afraid of being wrong and quick to realize and thus, apologizing. I also believe my greatest strength that I have emanate from Laura and I her. You may have seen the article floating around with pictures of two birds in France, the male looses his mate and reading the article with the photographs catching the scene of the Bird\’s tragic loss of his mate about did me in. It, oddly proved two things, animals are indeed capable of love and emotion on a level that many folks like to dismiss, and that I am a man with a big heart and courage never to hide that fact. I know I am being serious here, it is what it is with me.Keep up the writing!

  2. Bob says:

    very nice………..you can feel the emotion put into the poem

  3. Mandy says:

    Thank you both, written at different times, the second out of shear frustration at a guy I was seeing at the time!The first …….. well because that\’s what I am!

  4. Mandy says:

    @Doug…… I\’d love to write more but, unfortunately, for me inspiration comes only at times of "greatness" that is something really good or really bad!

  5. Zeynep says:

    Oh, hugs and screamings; that\’s what I needed now, lol! Thanks for visiting my space and advices. I will add you as a friend if you don\’t mind. Love and peace, Zeynep xx

  6. Happy says:

    Lighthearted but with pearl grain of truth. Odd sexes/gender roles still so socialized. The poem about \’man\’ reminds me of this Dene (north people Canada) saying that we become strong like two people. Always enjoy your blog Mandy. Hope you are having a splendidly lucky day.

  7. Zeynep says:

    I didn\’t read the poem in the first visiting your space Mandxx, sorry. I will visit your space tomorrow with a fresh mind and leave an "excited" comment, lol, to your poem. I will just pillow now… I am afraid this comment is funnies than before. xx

  8. Mandy says:

    Zeynep your English is delightful and is enough to make me smile! Thankyou for dropping by! 😉

  9. Zeynep says:

    Why I am getting some double messages from your comments, lol, what\’s matter with me? Now gone. See you later………… xxHug.

  10. Zeynep says:

    Oh, how I couldn\’t see that "DELIGHTFUL" there??? No way! I wouldn\’t leave a "double message" comment yesterday. Lol… Anyways.I like your words in your poem. Yes, you are right, the men are always like that, funny. And "There are times that they are glad they are men…………And there are times that they are not. " But they don\’t say like that. Let me tell instead of them, lol.Hey, my English can be "funny" sometimes, deal with it, lol.And thanks for stopping by and leaving a quote. I like it. And I am agree with you about love with a broken heart.Love and peace, Zeynep xx

  11. Mandy says:

    Do you think Zey, I\’m dealing with your English fine, you probably speak it way better than I do Turkish! I was there (Bodrum) a couple of years ago, and learned just a few words (but they may have been swear words!)

  12. Zeynep says:

    Thank you… By the way, I like Bodrum too.

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