Snow Patrol …………….. The absolute B*ll*cks!!

What Can I say! I’m a big Snow patrol fan, and have been looking forward to this for months and wasn’t disaO2ppointed one bit!!


Got to the  O2 about 5, for those of you who don’t know what The O2 is, it started life as the Millennium Dome, way back in (you guessed it didn’t you) 2000. A government project to celebrate the Millennium, and as a financial undertaking was an unparalleled disaster cost way over budget to build, as such projects do and made a loss every year, mainly through incompetent managing. But it is an impressive venue, for any show! It was bought off the government for a pittance, by O2, the telephone people and of course is a huge success, Snow Patrolhosting live shows and exhibitions,


Michael  Jackson is due to do 10 shows, and every show sold out on the same day! Led Zeppelin have just been there. 

Anyway we had a great meal first at Gaucho’s, Argentinean Steak (hhhmmm!!) Then entered the arena.

I had got out ofSnow Patrol mothballs my Nikon Pronea S, an aging but still the bollox, 35mm SLR, camera, with IXNikkor 60-180mm zoom, and I was ready to go…………!


Then going through the gate, I was told I couldn’t take a “Professional” camera into the concert!! GGggrrrrr!!


Luckily had my little Sony Cybershot with me. So the pics aren’t exactly good quality I’m afraid. Our seats were close to the stage but way up high!


First up a coupleSnow Patrol of newby bands, Animal Kingdom and another I can’t remember the name of, who were pretty good, then the big moment………. Snow Patrol!



They did all the songs you’d expect them too, Open Your Eyes, Chasing Cars, Shut your eyes,  Set Fire to the Third Bar, Your All I have, Finish Line. And 2 from the new album   (which I haven’t got yet, but Amazon is the next stop)

Snow Patrol



It Was A GREAT SHOW, Snow Patrol a Great live Band, with little difference between their recordings and live performance!

Their music lends itself to live performance ……. It’s BIG music, if you get my drift!

If you’ve never heard them before a few tracks are on the player now!

Listen to Open Your Eyes first, then Chasing Cars(Their biggest Hit)

So crank up the volume and enjoy (as best you can on this medium)


 A quick tip, for anyone going to a live concert, and wanting to take pics. Leave your flash turned OFF!  The flash light, only lights up about 10ft in front of you, will not affect what’s on the stage. You’ll get a perfect shot of the back of the heads, of the people in front of you, and blind everyone in the immediate area. Stage lighting is normally good enough for a good shot!

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16 Responses to Snow Patrol …………….. The absolute B*ll*cks!!

  1. Jen says:

    You mighta known someone would grouse about the camera since we\’re expecting it to be an offence, soon, to take photos outdoors in any town or city, so I wasn\’t surprised to read that. Also – they would have had the pro\’s (from the press, etc.) taking shots of everything for publication. And yes – you pay to see those!Anyway Mand, you got a few for yourself. Well done, lass, and glad you enjoyed the evening.Munchies sounded delicious:-)

  2. Bob says:

    English translation Please: Bollocks? You have used several times as a positive, where as I just watched a movie "Mama Mia" where a bloke used Bollocks, but in a negative. Is this a term of both?I\’M Just Askin…………..

  3. Mandy says:

    @Bob…….. It\’s one of those multi purpose words Bob. Bollocks (definition) Testicles. BUT used in different expressions alters the meaning "It\’s THE bollocks!" …… (def) It\’s Very good! (this can also be coupled with "dogs" as in It\’s the "dogs bollocks""That\’s BOLLOCKS!" …… (def) That\’s rubbish!"Will I? … bollocks!" ….. (def) I won\’t do that thing!"He had the bollocks to say that to me" …….(def) He had the nerve to say that to me!"BOLLOCKS!" …… (def) If you think I\’m doing that you\’ve got another think coming!And many more, LOL ….. it\’s all in the way you say it!

  4. Aussie says:

    Bollocks in Aussie language is bullshit , bulls ballsThat\’s BOLLOCKS!" …… (def) That\’s rubbish!Bullshit….( def ) That\’s rubbishRubbish ….( def ) Thats bullshitMeans someones talking shitmeans someones having a lend of youmeans someones pissing in ya pocketmeans someones bending ya earhahahaIan

  5. Mandy says:

    LOL Ian, Oz is even more colourful than English!!

  6. Mandy says:

    I\’ve put on a few more Snow Patrol tracks. Have a listen "Run" is good!

  7. Douglas says:

    Okay, I have to agree, "Bullocks" at the Taylor house means "Bullshit." Every movie I have seen, "Bullocks" has been a derogatory term. Okay, Bob below posted about my use of Wiki and said in basic, "It\’s bullocks" in an article I wrote. I spoke with an English major at an University in South Dakota and she, and quite the drop dead babe she is confirmed what Bob told me. I thought at first, "Bob is Bullocks…" But as it turns out, I was Bullocks for using it — Sorry Bob, I did not realize that what I was linking to was so "White Trash." Bob you may have saved my credibility as a journalist here on MSN Live, and for that, I am eternally grateful.So in my ignorance of using a white trash resource, I spoke with this beautifully well busted professor I lust, I mean have respect for, she recommended among many good sources, Encarta Premium. So I went out and got the complete Encarta Premium DVD suite and installed it. So this is from Encarta Premium Edition\’s Definitition…."bol·locks [bólləks]interjection U.K. a highly offensive term indicating strong disbelief or disagreement (taboo) [Mid-18th century. Variant of ballocks]Microsoft® Encarta® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved."The Lexicon of this word also show the traditional meaning as many people here are thinking to include myself. However, Mandy is also right in her examples — Current and modern uses of the words especially with the "Verb Conjugations" given.So everyone here is right. I guess since I have no Snow Patrol in my massive, and folks I mean "massive" CD collection, I am not a hipster like Mandy is… So Mandy, you\’re right too in the "tenses" you\’ve made.I was really trying to make Mandy look like she doesn\’t know what she\’s talking about, I really did. However, being she own Snow Patrol, it\’s obvious to me, I don\’t know shit…I even went out and Googled, and I never use Google for political reasons, to see if she may have plagiarized this article and attempted to make it her own. Needless to say, I came up short. Damn!(Mandy knows what I am referring to here, some of you may not…) My wit is razor sharp and maybe a bit over the top for some… I am really envious of Mandy, she\’s got a prettier "bum" than I do, and I don\’t have a really nice tattoo on my lower back like she does. I also have a problem wearing women\’s underwear, though I try, still something is amiss and I end up talking two whole octaves higher. Besides, my "accident" keeps peeking through either down or up passed the panty line — It\’s far from a pretty site and I get a headache and belly ache from it all.

  8. Mandy says:

    I have cried twice tonight …… once on Jen\’s (it\’s girl thing!) and just now with laughter!! Doug not only are you a top geezer but you ARE the BOLLOCKS! (references understood!) and as for the underwear OOooo way to much information!

  9. Douglas says:

    Hahahaha… Mandy, I am glad I made you laugh, it does my heart good knowing this. So can I get out of these fricking panties now, they\’re cralling all the up my ass and killing me…Thanks again and have a good night…

  10. Mandy says:

    NO thank you, Doug………. unfortunately with the crap time differences between us and you lot, it\’s about time to turn in for me! ( I hate that!)Have great evening(?) every one!

  11. Mandy says:


  12. Happy says:

    Love their Crack The Shutters. Lucky you! Glad you enjoyed show 🙂

  13. Jen says:

    I get the feeling Doug was mightily impressed;-) Glad to see you laughed, Mand.

  14. Mandy says:

    Google …….. to make us all feel a little safer. When we cross over to the DARK SIDE and use google to search for something to add in a comment.Google Myths

  15. . says:

    Came here via mutual friend – Snow Patrol excellent. New album not so all round brilliant as last, I thought. But \’Shutters\’ is very good song.

  16. Tracey says:

    Awesome! l haven\’t been to a concert/live show in forever. You made me want to go!

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