Computers and Diving

A small  peek into the art of diving, with a computer.



Ever wondered why stuff that is lost, is always in the last place you look and not just the last place because you stop looking after that.? (And at point does an article stop being lost and is merely mislaid, after you found it of course!)


I lost my diving computer, i looked everywhere for it, turned out cupboards, emptied drawers, it was not where I left it, I even got my son round, to help me clear out some stuff, stored there in the garage, an where I keep all my dive equipment, except the computer which is an essential and expensive (about £400) although I do keep my regs out there,and they cost about £900, but that’s a different story. Eventually we found it, of course in the last place we looked!laptop

So…… occurred to me, that the computer boffs on here, wouldn’t dream of taking their laptops in the water. (googling “Does this fish bite?” May take a little too long, for you to wait to find out.)







No it doesn’t, and yes I have dived with a whale shark.




So here’s a quick guide to

Computers Underwater!


Here’s mine, Suunto Cobra2 Air integrated

This is what it’d look like underwater, backlight on.

  1. 19.2mtrs is the depth I am at now, 26.8mtrs is the max depth I’ve been too.

43 minutes is the amount of air left at this depth, if I go up or down, the time would be more or less (resp.)

18 minutes is the time left, at this depth, before I would need a decompression stop. Again if I go up or down, this time increases or decreases.

160bar the amount of air/nitrox left in the tank

16 minutes the dive duration.

The last 2, I can change to temperature and time.

It samples my breathing rate, and can therefore work out (tissue saturation) the amount of nitrogen, I’ve accumulated, (averages) and how much surface interval, I need and how long my next dive should be (or not be)

It also monitors my ascent and beeps if I’m going to fast.

It also beeps, when I get down to 50bar.

Out of the water it times the surface interval, and tells me when I can fly next.

And  it WILL lock me out, if I break it’s rules!

It also does all of this!



And downloads the history to my PC……. here’s one I did earlier (actually on my old Suunto Eon, but much the same)


The latest versions, have built in, digital compass,

and sample your heart rate! All for about £700+!!!



Cool Huh?

Any questions?



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4 Responses to Computers and Diving

  1. Jen says:

    Cor. I was thinking you were going to tell us you\’d lost yer PC in some ocean but forgot which one;-) Actually, how the heck didja learn to read and use all this? I\’d rather take Vista with me. Much simpler!

  2. Bob says:

    Mandy, If you find Atlantis down there, be sure to call Google right away.

  3. Mandy says:

    LOL Bob I\’d forgotten about that! Damn!@Jen, I spent 3 hours writing the original and much better, version, of this this morning, and Live writer wiped it out!! ..**%**£%**!!! …….. this one took an hour and I couldn\’t remember loads put in the original!

  4. Happy says:

    Dear Mandxx, You are so cool. Again I learn about diving and was hooked at take computer diving. Naturally your apt explanation makes great sense! Love the picture of you and whale shark. Happy diving.

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