Photo repairing ……..

 Picture 064   

This picture of my dad, and his big brother was taken in India, about 1936, it’s in a pretty poor state, and quite brittle so I had to be careful not to break anymore off!

Using areas that were still in good shape, I  selected  an area, copied it and then pasted it to the blank areas, some of the lightly scratched bit, you can just blur or push, the bigger scratches I had to paste over. I’ve enlarged the next picture and you can see the areas, top left, that were copy pasted.

To repair the head, on the left hand side, I selected the same are of the head on the right hand side copied it,   then flipped it, then juggled it into place


Picture 063



Picture 062

 The finished photo



My sisters 55 years ago!

 original Jack and Gwyn


You can see how I copied one area on the left,

and pasted it over to the right.


 Gwyn and Jacqui



One I never got round to finishing …. me age 15Picture 536














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10 Responses to Photo repairing ……..

  1. X-Evolutionist says:

    Wow! You did some excellent work! Thanks for calling my attention to this. Wow.X

  2. Mandy says:

    It was a laobour of love X, after my mum died, (my dad had died 4 years earlier) we found quite a lot of old photos, in the loft at my mums!And I just noticed how much the young "me" looks like the young "my dad" (on the right)And why is there a huge blank space at the bottom of my blog?

  3. Jen says:

    Bloomin\’ brilliant. Mate of mine can do this type of work, too.

  4. Robin says:

    Hi Mandy, Thank\’s, I love how you did this you did a great job !! I have a lot of old pictures, I am going to try this.Take care,Robin

  5. Douglas says:

    Mandy;Great work, and now digitalized, you have preserved it for many generations to come. Whatever you do, make sure you burn it to CD as a back-up and all.You don\’t know this, but I do this restoration work for the Adam\’s Museum here in Deadwood from time to time as my "labor of love" for history. South Dakota has a few of my projects up at the "Heritage Canter" in Pierre, SDI know people, on the Internet, that cry about the cost of Photoshop CS4, the cost, but when it comes to precious restorations, it really shows how inept people are when it comes to this type of work. Good job!!!

  6. Douglas says:

    Oh, almost forgot Mand. Seems like the French are not invading England, so It looks like I won\’t be coming out there to your Isle any time soon. Still up for the "Sox" game with me in Chicago?Hey, let me talk with my publisist and see if she can put her clothing on long enough to sign up a couple of book signings over there though… =;o))

  7. Tracey says:

    WOW, what a difference that makes! Awesome Mandy! And yes l can totally see how you look like your dad. You didn\’t say what program you used to fix the photos.

  8. FATMAN says:

    Hi Douglas.. The cost of CS4 or CS3 is almost set off straight a-way if you use it for any type of work.. but most people only want to change the lighting of a poor photograph, The first job pays for it, you could say. It has so many uses that people do not even utilise… Nice restoration Mandy.. I have handled a few restorations over the years since first using photoshop and if done carefully it can look if you have never even touched them up. I really enjoy the work I do over the net for people and get immense satisfaction from the joy the results bring to people.

  9. Mandy says:

    JASC Paintshop pro 9, Tracey, I think it cost about £40 0r £50 and it comes with Jasc animation, which, is fun to play around with.

  10. Happy says:

    These are amazing social history photos. Love the sisters picture. We have too few but cameras not readily available or affordable. This post reminds that pictures need to be brought/scanned at upcoming family reunion so that everyone can share. Thanks for post. Have Super Splendid Saturday. I am off to relocate the gym. Tomorrow I may go inside. 🙂

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