Something to make you laugh!

A friend sent me this on Facebook …………. thought I share! I can just hear what the bloke must have said to the girl after 3 and half minutes of watching her try to park her small car in a big space!! But watch the end too!!

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28 Responses to Something to make you laugh!

  1. Ray says:

    So funny Mandy thanks for sharing that, does make you think how these people passed the test!!!!Ray. 🙂

  2. Mandy says:

    I\’ve watched several times now and chuckle, each time! Yes one wonders how they did?

  3. FATMAN says:

    Thanks for sharing those hahaha I find incredible that people have no spacial awareness and in my driving career I have seen many men teach women the wrong approach to parking…!

  4. Tracey says:

    LMBO!!!! l feel so embarrassed to be a woman driver! And mad at those STUPID women giving us a bad name!!! l\’ve always heard jokes but really! THAT\’S BAD!

  5. . says:

    That was great, thanks for sharing! I loved the girl at the petrol pump.

  6. Tracey says:

    My dad was a taxi driver, he taught me to drive! No fucking around.

  7. Ed says:

    on the subject of women drivers…not that specifically them, its more stupid drivers- but this morning a woman in my street was trying to reverse out of her drive in her fancy mercedes rear wheel drive, probably automatic sports car onto the icey street. she ended up skidding everywhere and had to get some neighbours to help push it back onto her drive. clearly doesn\’t know what kind of vehicle is appropriate for those conditions or how to drive on ice. she was just sat there spinning her wheels whilst i laughed and laughed.

  8. Mandy says:

    I was taught by my ex ….a truck driver! so same here Trace!

  9. FATMAN says:

    Taught wha… Hmmmm My wife has been driving for 27yrs and can park very well but I did not teach her hhahaha I payed another fool to have the frustration.. Oooop\’s she learnt with a woman..!

  10. Mandy says:

    Me 30 years! FL@Ed yeah rear wheel drive, auto, is not a good combination when back up on icey roads, no weight on the wheels…. but someone should have taught to use the gears, which you have in mercs, for just such an occasion!

  11. Ray says:

    Worst thing in the world is teaching your wife to drive. I did try very hard, but had to get someone else to take the flak!

  12. Tracey says:

    That\’s funny Mandy. People who drive for a living, they don\’t fool around but quite considerate. l\’m very happy my mom didn\’t teach me to drive! She actually never was very comfortable driving with me.

  13. FATMAN says:

    I would never consider teaching my wife anything.. I would probably invoke an ear slapping… But really she very nice to me… She might read this… LOVE YOU DARLING…! Oh hell she is looking over my shoulder again hahha

  14. Tracey says:

    But unfortunately l learned on auto, and never did get around to trying standard. So l don\’t even know what you guys are talking about!

  15. FATMAN says:

    I can understand her not being happy teaching you to drive Tracey as I hear you have points…?

  16. Mandy says:

    I had proper instruction too, but Vince taught me to DRIVE!

  17. Mandy says:

    Instruction gets you through the test, after tah you learn to drive!And now to work! DOH see ya all later!

  18. Ed says:

    @ mandxx- here here! thats exactly what i keep telling people and what my parents told me when i was learning. you\’ll only pass if you get experience of just driving. when i did the pass plus course i was told that too. you pass the test, then you do this (pass plus) and you learn what driving really entails. Im planning on doing the IAM advanced driving course/test in the summer so I\’ll be an even better driver!

  19. Tracey says:

    See ya Mandy! No no l mean she didn\’t like to drive with me latter, even much latter – thought l was too fast, careless. l\’m her baby driving and l don\’t go like a little old lady like she and my sister do (does?).

  20. Tracey says:

    Plus you get better insurance, right?

  21. Jen says:

    Plan properly. That\’s what I say! The music was just right for this, Mand. Couldn\’t work out in the penultimate one what that woman was doing behind the car. Looked like she was trying to pull something off it. Have to watch again, but, good vid. Poor frustrated bloke who parked that car for the silly woman. Loved that one:-)

  22. Mandy says:

    What one Jen, I didn\’t see anyone behind the car in the penultimate one……. or did you mean the one where the woman is filling he car up at the petrol station?

  23. Jen says:

    Yeah. Stupid woman. I saw it the second time, where she was trying to pull the pipe around to fill up the car. I\’ve seen it all, now! Off to the site to watch some more, later. Trust that man to be able to park; (the last film in the set). Didn\’t that come from an advert originally? Clever.

  24. Mandy says:

    Yeah I think it probably did, come from an advert …. one thing that always amuses me at petrol stations, is why people (sorry but it is mainly women, but not always) will sit in a queue, to get to the the pump that is on the side of their car where the filler cap is! And not go to the FREE pump that\’s on the other side! Good for me of course, I KNOW the pump hose will reach over the car! So I rarely have to queue!

  25. FATMAN says:

    Oh you are so right Mandxx… Where I live in Newquay.. In the summer queuing for fuel is a definite chore and when I don\’t and go to an empty pump and fill up by stretching the pump hose over the car I get such nasty looks Doh..!

  26. Mandy says:

    Perhaps FL, we should keep this to ourselves , lest they find out and we have to queue!!!

  27. FATMAN says:

    Damn I never thought of that (Typical man-Brains in pants- Am I wearing pants, must check..Note to ones self…Check pants or get help from wife..) now I will be back to shouting and banging my steering wheel in frustration..

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