Diving – things you may want to know- or not as the case may be!

Having just booked another trip to Marsa Alam in the Red Sea, and getting impatient to get diving again and away from the cold. I thought I’d do a few …… (or it may end up as just the one, depending if I get bored with writing about it and not doing it!

First let me introduce myself, You know my name so I’ll dispense with that bit, I am a PADI Instructor (Master Scuba Diver Trainer) and am qualified to teach from open water (what is now called “doing your PADI”) to Divemaster, plus Deep, Night, Wreck, Drift, Navigation and Dry suit, specialities. I have a bunch of other qualifications including Nitrox to 40%(enriched air)  shark, boat, master scuba diver and equipment specialist, also Emergency first response, Advanced Oxygen first aid provider . To become an instructor I have to have good knowledge of, Physics and physiology, first aid (in diving) diving equipment, and recreational dive planning (even though most people dive with computers, these days)

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Weightbelt removal and replacement, teaching children is dead easy, they have no fear, and and pick up things really quickly, what they do have is boundless energy, and I remember being more exhausted after 2 hours in the pool with this 10 year old, than with a whole group of adults!

One of the smaller people I’ve taught!






These 2 at the opposite end of the scale, size wise! I was teaching a Dry suit Course to these 2 guys, various 102 

Both 6’3” me in the middle 5’3” 

It can be quite funny teaching dry suit diving……

A dry suit is what it says, it should not contain water, I say should not, because not all suits manage to keep out the ocean, all the time and that trickle of ice cold water down your warm back is something to remember! It has a very heavy duty zip,and wrist and neck seals,  ( and bearing in mind the water temp when using a dry suit could be around freezing ) Insulation in a dry suit, is warm undersuits and air.

Me in the black/yellow dry suitMim and me


A wet suit is what it says too, Wet, it works because a thin layer of water is trapped between your skin and the neoprene. Your body heats up that layer, the neoprene insulates the layer, from the colder water outside.

(James Bond….. could not have unzipped his wetsuit, and had a pristine tux underneath.)

Now diving in a dry suit is slightly different from in a wet suit, because the dry sit contains air, which is buoyant, and travels at will around the suit, the trick is to keep the air where it should be. In the body, once it travels to the feet you’re in trouble, which I’ll teach you to get out of but in the meantime is hilarious to watch! I wish I had a picture of this guy 6’3” hanging upside down, feet sticking out of the water, thrashing about attempting to right himself.

 various 086various 084

It’s also dangerous, at 30metres (90ft) (or deeper) and can lead to an uncontrolled ascent, with no way to vent air, and a trip to the chamber! (if your lucky!)


A few facts…….

If you cut your self at 20mtrs (65+ft), your blood, will appear to be a greeny/brown colour, and will stay in a globule close to the cut!

Break an uncooked egg at 25mtrs and for about five minutes it will stay in the exact shape of an egg (after 5 minutes the fish would have eaten it!)

Colour (light) is absorbed by water, Red or orange in the short wave lengths disappear first, the longer, wavelengths blue, go last, (which is why my fins are luminous green, if ever one comes off, I can see it, as it descends, to the bottom of the sea, and watch it sit there unreachable!)

Oxygen becomes toxic at depth, (around 6mtrs /20ft) Air at around 70mtrs (affecting the central nervous system CNS) not recommended to go this deep, as each person’s body tissue, absorbs gas differently under pressure

My deepest dive on Air was 52mtrs (170ft) on the Numidia, a Red Sea wreck

Nitrogen Narcosis, happens at around 20mtrs, depending on the amount dived, may not happen at all!



All taken at the Lundy Isles,

Map picture

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20 Responses to Diving – things you may want to know- or not as the case may be!

  1. FATMAN says:

    That is may I say a bloody good blog on diving.. Brings back some memories for me hahha 5\’3" well I am 250lbs and 6\’6" so that would have been interesting if you had to help me out of the water as a buddy…!

  2. Mandy says:

    Thanks FL, it was you who made me think to do it! I wanted to put in some Cornwall pics, for you but am still looking for them! Nice to get kudos, from another diver!LOL you\’d have to wait for a crane, I think!! As would both of those guys!!

  3. Jen says:

    Stunning blog. Loved the pic that showed you in the middle:-) To say I\’m impressed is well short of the mark. Love it.

  4. Carlos says:

    oh man….AWESOME!

  5. Tracey says:

    So cool – l always thought l wanted to try it – until l tried the other one last summer – with the hose in the mouth, and you have to stay near the surface, damn l hate when l can\’t remember a simple name!But that\’s when l found out it\’s kinda scary to not be sure if l\’m going to be able to get AIR! l think scuba air would be different – because no in vent?LOL anyway, awesome blog! always wanted to try it!!

  6. Mandy says:

    SASSy (surface air supply system) Or Hookah?No in vent? not sure what you mean Trace?

  7. Greg says:

    Nice post, Mandy. Cool to see you in your element.

  8. Tracey says:

    Where little bits of water can get IN and make one feel a little PANICKED! for fear of sucking up that water into ONE\’S LUNGS!lol do you know what l mean know? maybe it\’s just me!

  9. Tracey says:

    snorkel HA!!

  10. Mandy says:

    LMAO …….. SNORKEL!! Then yes diving with a regulator in you mouth is better! You\’ve got your air with you! No little bits of water! If it\’s any consolation ….. I hate snorkelling too, for the same reason!

  11. Tracey says:

    oh thank heavens!

  12. Tracey says:

    Yeah, last summer was the 1st l tried it , and l was surprised. l think l might like diving – but there\’s the whole thing with having to learn it 1st lol – the idea of exploring under the water, and being relaxed under the water is VERY appealing to me.

  13. Mandy says:

    Give it a go Trace, PADI do what they call Discover scuba, basically a try dive, in a swimming pool, if you like that go for the course …… Sorry sounding a bit like a PADI advert! But other dive associations will have something similar!It is wonderful Trace……….. just you and the fishes and the sound of the sea which can actually be quite noisy, with all those fish chomping away!Will be doing more on this …… I hope!

  14. Tracey says:

    l didn\’t know you could try one! l\’ll look into it. There\’s a school/community centre down the st. that does it.

  15. Mandy says:

    Might be best if you don\’t mention the snorkelling !!! LOL

  16. Technogran says:

    Fantastic blog Mandxx and I love the pictures of you with the different people that you have taught. Nice to see you employing Writer to show off those pics as well! Fantastic, and the inclusion of the map! Woo hoo! A writer pro!

  17. Mandy says:

    Thanks TG. Yeah, well I thought I should, it does make that sort of blog easy! Not sure I like the pics that way though, they look pretty in a row, but they\’re better with captions! and any more than 4 and you have to look at the album.I actually use writer a lot, just not all the gagdets.

  18. Robin says:

    Great post, Very interesting and I love the photo\’s.Take care,Robin

  19. Happy says:

    Great post. New info for me. Did not know divers took eggs with them and must add that to list if I ever take up deep sea diving 🙂 LOL. Also interesting info re. turning upside down. Great photos!

  20. Bob says:

    the pic\’s are great as is the post. the idea of doing such a thing scares the heck out of me.How many eggs have you cracked in the water? Why?

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