My 25 things


1. I used to be a draughtswoman

2. While out of work as a draughtswoman (in the 70’s) I signed up for a government run, computer programming course but got a job again before  the course started.

3. I’ve been married once, for 10 years, then lived with my partner for 22 years.

4. I have 4 children, 2 by each “husband” between the ages of 26 and 36, and a 9 month old grand daughter, all of whom I adore.

5. I have an IQ of 139, but since hitting menopause, the hardest part of an IQ test is the very first question …. (Name?)

6. I, at least once every day miss my mum. (she died 5 years ago, next week) I have never really missed my dad who died 8 years ago this week

7. The last time I fell in love was 4 years ago, it ended last year ( I was still in love!)

8. Joining the mile high club, is still on my to do list.

9. 95% of my friends are male. My best friend is gay.

10. I like living alone, and keep reminding my kids that, when they come to stay for ….. a month or so

11. I learned to dive when I was 47, and became an Instructor when I was 51.

12. I never wanted to be a grandmother, I thought it would make me feel old, I was right, but wouldn’t change it for a second.

13. I hate that getting older, has slowed me down, both physically and mentally.

14. I suffer from IBS, which gives me pain during the night, consequently I haven’t slept properly for months.

15. I am what my ex calls a “know all”

16. I hate people thinking bad of me.

17. I have been good friends with all my lovers, and in most cases still am.

18. I now work part time in Tescos express. (a mini mart for my American friends)

19. I lived in Australia for 3 years with my first husband.

20. Favourite TV shows are Stargate, and Atlantis, 24, ER, Medium, Scrubs, Buffy, Friends. Anything about the world.

21. I like a drink and Red and white wine is the favourite tipple.

22. I smoke

23. I like to cook

24. I read science fiction, favourite author Isaac Asimov and Terry Pratchett

25. I have a boyfriend who stays every Friday.


When I thought about doing this, I thought it’d be really hard, it wasn’t, what was hard was what not to put in!
(26. after I’ve published a blog I alway think of something else to say!

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6 Responses to My 25 things

  1. Tracey says:

    l hate the changes of getting older too, and l think l\’m also a know it all!Wow l never would have thought you were over 51! Good to hear you drink and smoke – we puffers stick together ;-)l love this game! And it\’s awesome that you took up diving so late!!

  2. Bob says:

    Great List. (I need a Jet plane with a Loo quickly) LOL139? A Mensa member by Jove.Ain\’t it sad we (smokers) have to define it, like it\’s a bad thing?I hear that Menopause is a bitch, but at least you don\’t have to deal with Womenopause like us guys?I love the Draughtswomen and Tipple…….(damn you Mr Webster and your American English)Yeah the Mom & Dad thing sucks big-time. My Mom in 1988 and Dad In 2000 (Lonely)I am still in season 4 of "24" but the Medium comes back tomorrow night!great post Mandy thanks for joining in.

  3. Mandy says:

    @Bob LOL ……. re smoking, I almost didn\’t put it in …… how sad is that!, I did the mensa test at 25, but din\’t really keep it up, family etc… @Tracey …. Thanks ….. I\’m over 55 now! DOH and yeah we puffers do have to stick together!ps I read both your\’s this morning, and Greg\’s but rushing out to work so didn\’t get the chance to comment, must get back and add my bit now!

  4. FATMAN says:

    Hey I might do one of these, I like the idea…

  5. Happy says:

    Great summary/great post. Yah, aging and slowed mobility sucks but you are deep sea diver! Brava! Are there underwater lighters? 🙂 Just teasing! Good wishes for fun diving trip.

  6. Happy says:

    Rats, I too think of stuff after. Read William Gibson?

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