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Computers and Diving

A small  peek into the art of diving, with a computer.     Ever wondered why stuff that is lost, is always in the last place you look and not just the last place because you stop looking after that.? … Continue reading

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Holiday Itinerary

  Wednesday Morning at 11.00am GMT I will be catching one of these   To go to here   hotel pool To do this                    me Moray Eel        And this     And some (lots)of this!   … Continue reading

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Photo repairing ……..

     This picture of my dad, and his big brother was taken in India, about 1936, it’s in a pretty poor state, and quite brittle so I had to be careful not to break anymore off! Using areas that were … Continue reading

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The Answers

   I managed to find, the original answers to the quiz, as released by Virgin, and as you can see there are only supposed to be 70, bands/artists in it, but that was then, and this is now! Sorry black … Continue reading

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Name that Band/Artist

  This is a poster, that was bought out by Virgin Radio (as in Richard Branson’s VIRGIN)  about 4 years ago, for Virgin Radio to advertise going digital, in this poster are seventy odd, bands or artists. Can you name … Continue reading

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For VJ.

It’s my youngest son’s 29th Birthday today, And as I did for my daughter on her 21st birthday five years ago, on his 25th birthday, I wrote him a poem.   My child My Pride     And so you … Continue reading

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Two poems for Valentines

The art of Losing The art of losing isn’t hard to master;so many things seem filled with the intentto be lost that their loss is no disaster. Lose something every day. Accept the flusterof lost door keys, the hour badly … Continue reading

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