For Jerri-lee, my daughter!


When You Sleep

And now you’re gone, I see you smile

And wish you’d stayed for just a while

I held your hand, I held your face

And with a kiss, your pain erased

And here inside, you, I’ll always keep

And I still hold you, child, when you’re asleep


And with the night, dreams slip inside

And all my pride I will not I hide

But the hardest part is letting go

And still I must, this part I know

And as tears hold back I try not to weep

And I still hold you child, when you sleep


And as years go by and memory fades

I let in the light, open up the shades

The smile reflected in my eyes

Means pain now gone was just past’s lies

And to my lips this smile is creeping

And I still hold you child, when I am sleeping!


And as I look up, and see you grown

A woman now, your on your own

Elegant and tall and full of grace

Fair of mind and fair of face

A child no more, sets men’s hearts leaping

And I still hold you, my child, when you are sleeping…..!


For Jerri-Lee



Jerri-lee (middle) and friends!


After the events late last year >December 2007

She has continued to amaze me with her resilience, her poise, charm and good humour,

even through the ordeals of making statements, Id-ing the man, etc 

She’s MY DAUGHTER and MY FRIEND and I couldn’t be prouder!

Happy Birthday Jerri-lee


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2 Responses to For Jerri-lee, my daughter!

  1. x Carolyn says:

    Thats a beautiful poem Mandy xxx

  2. X-Evolutionist says:

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