Odd Facts!

At work today, I had to do some reading for training purposes, And came a cross an odd fact and so did a bit of surfing and came across a few more odd facts……


An Archaeology student has discovered a 5000 year old piece of chewing gum. Sarah Pickin, aged 23, found the lump of birch bark tar – complete with Neolithic tooth prints – while on a dig in Finland. Neolithic people used the material as an antiseptic to treat gum infections as well as a kind of glue for repairing broken pots.

My Kids still do the same today!!

 A botanical park in China has been accused of painting stripes on a horse and calling it a zebra. Visitors to Shenyang botanical park are being charged 30p to have their photo taken with the ‘zebra’. When visitors asked its feeder if the zebra was real, he replied: "It’s from Africa. What do you call it if it’s not a zebra?"

Erm …… A Horse!

More men than women take teddy bears to bed when sleeping alone. While 15% of women resorted to cuddling a teddy, as many as 20% of men admitted to opting for teddies, a survey of travellers by hotel chain Travelodge found.

I Knew it! You’re just a lot of softies aren’t ya!!

More than 40% of people who attempted to assemble flat pack furniture lost their temper before they finished the job. Results showed 67% admitted getting into difficulty, a third misunderstood instructions and 13% managed to damage the item.

They didn’t mention the 60% that didn’t bother reading the instructions at all

Or how many found they had bits left over when it was eventually finished!

It’s official… the curvy lady is back in fashion. Not only are ‘fifties clothes the new look but so are ‘fifties curves. A survey by Mattessons – the company that loves mmmeat – has revealed that 80% of UK women would prefer a curvy shape to a thinner waif-like figure.

Finally! I Knew if I waited long enough I’d be back in fashion again!

Lack of money worries and a settled family life makes the age of 57 the happiest time of your life – according to a survey. The poll revealed that men and women in their late fifties were the group most at peace with the world – mainly because their families had flown the nest and they now had a disposable income to splash out on themselves.

Thank god I have at last got something to look forward to (just)!

There are a million less people in their twenties today than there was 10 years ago!!

Given that I have 2 kids in their twenties, what were the rest of you doing in the eighties? (not rumpy pumpy it seems!)

(hhmm maybe that’s why people in their fifties have more money and less stress!) 


According to the government’s actuary department, the UK’s population of centenarians is forecast to soar from about 10,000 now to as many as 1.2 million by 2074. That’s a lot of telegrams from Queen Camilla.

 Although a million less octogenarians!

The independent think-tank Demos recently issued a report which suggested life expectancy would rise to 150 in 30 years time. It also made the astonishing claim that the first person who will live to the age of 1,000 may be alive today.

What with Global warming and green house gases, that person will be a Giant Redwood tree, living in the California!


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5 Responses to Odd Facts!

  1. Technogran says:

    Hmm, very interesting…..

  2. Greg says:

    I don\’t know if it\’s intentional, but the formatting of your text creates a neat 3D effect. The yellow text seems to stand off the blue background, while the red sinks into the background. Groovy.

  3. Mandy says:

    It isn\’t intentional ie: I didn\’t use HTML to make it do so, but I do know it happens, from other blogs!

  4. Eddie says:

    Now Mandy, that is ccoooooool!!! love it!! Mwah! Eddie xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Happy says:

    Too funny commentary. Rock on.

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