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English-American Dictionary

The comment Greg made  on Dave’snotes, that he needs and English American translator on his toolbar, got me thinking. Now I’ve been to the States, quite a few times, and had to learn some new words for common or everyday things, or … Continue reading

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Virus Alerts

I have been trying to find something to blog about, (well, something of interest anyway, I can talk crap on here just as well as I can talk crap out in the real world) but don’t at present, anyway, feel … Continue reading

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For Jerri-lee, my daughter!

  When You Sleep And now you’re gone, I see you smile And wish you’d stayed for just a while I held your hand, I held your face And with a kiss, your pain erased And here inside, you, I’ll … Continue reading

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Something strange going on this morning I keep getting……..   "we’re having trouble getting this info right now.Please check back in a little while"   On my profile and home pages   Oh God not another update!   (Course if … Continue reading

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Odd Facts!

At work today, I had to do some reading for training purposes, And came a cross an odd fact and so did a bit of surfing and came across a few more odd facts……   An Archaeology student has discovered … Continue reading

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