Complaints Dept!


With all the new sh*t that’s going on with spaces and
the general mayhem caused by the new Live updates etc
I had to laugh (out loud) when I read >>Dave’s<< blog!
Go, take a peek!
Says it all!
Been over at the Window Live team Blog, wow, it’s getting a bit heated over there,
insults are flying, (the poo is definitely hitting the fans) and yet still the Live team turn a
blind eye to our gripes and problems!
Maybe they are waiting for us to fight it out amongst ourselves.
Have to confess, I might have put a cat or 2 in amongst a couple of pigeons, (OOPS!)
It’s all getting very serious, between the MSN suck ups, (god can’t do any wrong)
and the rest of the disatisfied world! (me included)
But the point is there seems to be, still, a lot of disatisfied customers and other than the odd comment from the live team, they don’t seem to be doing a lot about it!
QnA seems to be a lot of Q and bugger all A!


ring bell

talk to the hand

If I have a problem, with my PC, that I can’t fix, I can phone, a call center, to get answers, ok
the call center maybe in Wasbekistan, and I have difficulty understanding the answers but none the less they are there!
I can IM Packard Bell, for problems with my laptop, hell, I can even IM Real Arcade, if I have a game problem! (Embarrassed yes I have to admit to doing the odd online game!!)
Having a dedicated email centre for all these niggling little problems and some bigger ones, seems a small price to pay (by MSN) for customer satifaction!


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2 Responses to Complaints Dept!

  1. Eddie says:

    It\’s just a whole big bunch or rubbish Mandy! I don\’t even know how I got on here!!! See you soon my lovely friend, love & hugs, Eddie xxxxxxx

  2. Dave says:

    Hang on in there. I have a cunning plan……………..It\’s a million to one chance too!

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