A Little Bit of fun

To make a Pearl

I hold it lovingly in my hand

feel it’s strength at my command

touch it to my face, it’s cool

but, first must follow given rules,

I cleanse away the days hard grime

Then wash away the sands of time,


I look once more to see it’s strength,

my gaze alights upon it’s length.

I hold on tight, so’s not to slip

My finger pushed lightly on the tip

A pearl, spreads out into my hand

A little more than I had planned.


I spread the pearl upon my face

in an effort to erase

And wonder at  it’s feel so light

My skin, it tingles with sheer delight,

The glow, My skin, a blazing star

The lines are gone, seen near or far


Again I touch with soft carress

My finger runs from top to base,

I squeeze, to get that final drop

It feels to good to want to stop

I touch my finger to my lips

to spread whats on my fingertips




How stupid, do they, think we are

to believe that ancient, bottoxed star

can face creams, really be as good

as the adverts say they should?


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