Changes …… Nothing does!

As some may know I’ve been on and off spaces for the past 4/5 years, my original space (theonlydivediva) I deleted about a year ago for various reasons, as did a lot of my friends, this space was just a backup and a place to come to test things out!

When it first started Spaces had none of the refinements we see today, no music player, no way to put on videos we couldn’t change backgrounds etc! These we had to make up as we went along and with the help of a few people in the know were able to add,cool stuff to our space, people came to see and we made friends and added them to lists, it used to be a lot longer but people have left spaces, (see lower down on left) >>d3vmax<< was one of the best at "hacking" for spaces.

Then MSN decided to upgrade, the changes were in the main, good, but caused loads of problems in the setting up, posting comments was a nightmare, peoples spaces literally disappeared, I mean they were there but everything went invisible, (one of the error messages said " there has been a catastrophic error …. ????) and we were all pissed off, several friends left. And I wrote this ditty, September 2005,(it’s still down there if you want to check)




Well the people who’re on spaces

Are looking pretty grim

When all we get are errors

And lost blogs on MSN

Spaces are not available

it tells us all the time

And then there’s a catastrophe

And It kicks us all off line!

We all put our music codes

To download our own tracks

Then they changed the f*cking rules

Behind our very backs!

We want to put on pictures

Right in between the lines

But can’t just copy/paste the things

We have to host the files!

And now we all have player

For music and for vids

But still we have to host our songs

Our own stuff it forbids

And when it all goes smoothly

And our fingers we all cross

He shuts it down and changed it round

Bill Gates’ the F*cking BOSS

So work it out at Microsoft

Cos we all take the view

That if things don’t change young Billy

We’re all off to Yahoo!


Yeah nothing changes!!


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12 Responses to Changes …… Nothing does!

  1. Jen says:

    Oh blimey! I thought I recognised this page, at first, but I\’ve never seen it before. Oh, so I\’m not the only grumbler, then;-)Ne\’mind. All much better now, aye?

  2. Mandy says:

    No Jen and the grumble has been going on since 2005!! Though I think now going to Yahoo is no longer an option – I think I read somewhere Yahoo360 was being shut down! (?)

  3. Jen says:

    I wouldn\’t know, Mandy.

  4. Technogran says:

    Mandy you are talking about way back when it was MSN Spaces. MSN is (as you are aware) not Live Spaces, and all the blogs on MSN Spaces were transferred over here. Its why I wish MS would close MSN down completely because so many users STILL think of it as MSN. Live is an entirely different place and service and site to MSN. It amazes me for example how many still refer to Messenger as MSN messenger! It isn\’t its Live Messenger. But because MS didn\’t move everything over here (including the news service) and then completely close MSN down, loads of users get muddled. I didn\’t suffer any of this (thank goodness) because I was never on MSN, I began using Spaces when it became Live Spaces in 2005. (Well I was using the desktop Live apps as they appeared in Beta, then when the Live site began, I then used that.

  5. Jen says:

    Don\’t say that, TG! People have still got email accounts with MSN! Maybe they\’ll be asked to move to Live. I\’m glad mine was with Live in the first place:-) Got that right, didn\’t I!

  6. Jen says:

    Oh, and anuvver fing: If MSN does close – what happens to its Homepage? And it\’s chat boards? Not that I ever go there, anymore…

  7. technogran says:

    e-mail accounts with MSN??? Do you mean Hotmail??? Its on here Jen! Its all Live now, and MSN is an old antiquated dinoseaur that needs putting to rest and then maybe users would stop getting so confused. Live has taken over everything apart from MSN news which could be called Live News instead. It just causes confusion in my opinion and is like MS running two sites which offer exactly the same services as each other, its no wonder folks get muddled up. \’ Not that I ever go there anymore\’ sic is your answer Jen. I never went there in the first place, I am a Live user through and through.

  8. Mandy says:

    es TG as you see, the poem was written in 2005, when it was MSN spaces (it is still basically the same so what\’s in a name) I never called it MSN anything, it was Spaces there was only one! and it was just Messenger, anyone who used either just left the MSN tag off, I still don\’t call it Live Spaces, it\’s Spaces, there is still only one!It really doesn\’t matter what it\’s name is – if it does the same thing! (In fact before it became Live it was in a lot of ways better!) And as you see from the poem – it STILL has the same Bloody problems!ps didn\’t you mean 2008 when it became LIVE

  9. Mandy says:

    I don\’t think anything was Actually transferred (?) It became LIVE with new twiddly bits added!

  10. Jen says:

    Oh, here we go;-) It probably does fall under the Hotmail banner but it just depends what the ending is. I know people who end theirs in Mine has always been, but it\’s all Hotmail.Ugh! Typing with talcum poweder traces on hands is such a yucky business! Poor widdle keyboard:-(

  11. Jen says:

    You\’ve done it now, haven\’t ya Mandy! Got loadsa comm\’s on this one now;-)

  12. Mandy says:

    Yeah Jen – cool that! It didn\’t get one the first (Live time round!)

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