Been poking around today looking at peoples spaces, firstly to see how my view of their space has changed, because although it takes a while to discover, you can actually restrict who sees what in our new look Space! Secondly to see the reactions to this new look!

The main complaints apart from not being able to find our way around our own space, which lets face we’ll eventually get used to, is that…..

A) New/Updated space module has gone! We can no longer cruise spaces and make new and interesting friends (we can still of course steal them from our existing ones!)

And if those new comers have no friends to start with what happens then? Are they doomed to wander spaces friendless and alone!!


B) We can now see everything our “network” (Those we used to call friends!) is doing, and to whom, what they’ve said and to whom, what comments have been made and where, (sometimes embarrassingly so!) and yes I know that there’s loads of buttons we can push, which restricts that too but have we got to go through our friends list first and decide which people can see what???  (not too bad if you’ve only got a few but what if you’ve got loads!!)

I’ve also found that I can allow who I want to see which album but disturbingly, those I allow to see an album can also see, if they know which buttons to press, who else I allow to see it! HHmmm?

Not sure about all this being change for the good …..

I liked getting the little yellow star, beside people’s names, so I could  see they’d updated, and I would go and see what’s been added. I liked mooching round new spaces! Seeing what new people have to say (OK sometimes nothing worth reading ) I don’t want to be inundated with the news that soandso has commented something, somewhere! Next they’ll be adding “Pokes” so we don’t even have to visit a space at all just poke the person! (oh and please not hugs too!!)

With home PC’s, we less and less have to get off our backsides and go see what’s happening in the real world…. will it soon be that we won’t even have to “turn” a page to see what’s happening in our virtual one?

Sexy Men Comments

This picture has nothing whatsoever to do with the above …… I just liked the look of it!!

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One Response to Changes?

  1. m60a3 says:

    I too have found the "new and improved" spaces to be something other than I thought I no longer can "surf" for new spaces to look at or maybe to read. I did however do some searching and found most of the spaces that came up on a certain name or subject have not been here in months, kinda makes you wonder why people even bother to set up a space and then never come back. But you are correct that we can see almost everything that goes on in "our" respective networks. PeaceMark

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