This is a little bit of a cry for help…………

for about the last 4 years I have suffered GREATLY with

(sounds like a guilty confession!!! Embarrassed)

>>>IBS (D) <<<

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

and quite honestly am just about at the end of my, quite considerable tether. It still is a little known or talked about illness, which at best can be embarrassing, (wind … oh god the wind!!!) at worst debilitating, (and unfortunately mine is on the way to this) Causes are largely unknown but onset has been linked to emotional trauma such as bereavement, or stress, and it appears to run in families but there still seems to be little help from GPs and basically the individual is left through trial and error to find out what triggers, or helps, with the illness. Anti-spasmodic Drugs like Buscopan, can help some(I was taking about 8 a day, with a little relief), some antidepressants help, Let’s face it, you’d be depressed if you spent most of the morning on the loo! but mostly it’s short term and the effects wear off!

And the real problem is ….



My new PC

People who neither suffer from it, nor know someone who does, don’t quite grasp what it’s all about ("So you have the sh*ts … take some immodium!!"….) Sleepless nights caused by abdominal pain, followed by a race to the loo, in the morning (several times) constant tiredness, depression, not knowing what to eat or what will set it off, bloating and of course let us not forget the farts!! (and/or burps!)

(how could anybody!!)


Finding food triggers ..(OH JOY!!)

And the only way to do this is trial and error, cut out, one by one, what you think causes the worst of the symptoms

So far I’ve cut out … green veg, sweeteners, fizzy drinks with or without alcohol, coffee, white bread and now dairy products, all seem to help for a while!

SO ………..

if anybody has any advice or information, to offer please leave your suggestions, humorous (I could do with a laugh!) or otherwise, below!


(or email me)

For more information, including symptoms, treatments, etc. on IBS, both IBS and IBSD (with diarrhoea)

click on the IBS (D) link above!

Click link below for …..

>>IBS … Symptoms and causes<<

A few facts ……

Up to one in five Americans has IBS. IBS often begins before the age of 35, but it can start at any age. IBS seems to run in families–people with IBS often report having a family member with IBS. Most people diagnosed with IBS (up to 75 percent) are women. But, it is not known for sure that IBS affects more women than men. It may be that women are more likely to talk to their doctors about their symptoms.

IBS is not a disease and it does not cause cancer. IBS is a "functional" disorder, which means that the bowel doesn’t work as it should. The cause of IBS is not known, and there is no cure for IBS.

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5 Responses to IBS HELP

  1. technogran says:

    Ahh! Now I see! I have D then. (or I did at the weekend. I have had it for quite a number of years Mandy but had it \’in remission\’ so to speak by cutting out all wheat products and also gluten. Its only just this last week that it has suddenly flared up again. Pain, bloating, wind, runs, I spent the whole weekend just having nothing else but water. Thought it was a tummy bug because I felt so lousy on Friday. Now taking some tablets doc has provided but they aren\’t really helping with the pain.

  2. Jen says:

    Poor you, TG.

  3. Mandy says:

    Mine too has been really bad this last couple of weeks TG, but it\’s changed a bit, don\’t get any pain now which is a blessing, but all the rest you described plus feeling sick in the morning and I thought the same, "tummy bug" that or I\’m pregnant (kidding) – Have you tried "Mebeverine"? that helped mine for a while.

  4. technogran says:

    I haven\’t tried Meberverine Mandy. I don\’t think so although the name seems familiar. Had the runs again yesterday so took some Imidium last night and it seems to have settled somewhat. The ones she gave me that haven\’t really helped are Buscopan. Will go back to her if it doesn\’t clear up this week.

  5. Mandy says:

    Buscopan I found to be totally useless! taking 8 a day didn\’t help one bit!!! Mebeverine has another name Colofac. Maybe that\’s where you heard the name if you haven\’t had that – try it. for th last week or so I\’ve been taking Immodium every day it stopped the runs each time but it came back the following day, it seems to have settled a bit today. keeping fingers crossed.What most "experts" seem to agree with, is IBS is affected by stress – I have had the house buying (or lack of) thing going on which may have been what\’s affected mine!

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