All Hallows


Hallow E’ en


It’s all hallows night

And all through the house

Not a creature was stirring

Not even a mouse


When up through the floorboards

There came a mad sound

T’was Stu with his shovel

Him digging the ground


Beside him was Delboy

Playing guitars in the air

His face all aglowing

Matched his streaky blond hair!


And Gee was there too

Just dressed in his towel

Helped Stu with the digging

With his average sized trowel


And they looked round the basement

To see how many holes

Were there for the filling

With unwary souls!


There’s one there for Tracey

It’s long and it’s thin

And one slightly bigger

To put Chele in!


And Snoopz has her own

It’s wider up top

And Mim is beside her

Just give her the chop!


The holes dug for Mandy

But the three of them cursed

And she laughed as she ran

You’ll have to catch her first!


Most of these people from spaces have gone

But their ghosts still linger behind

But study the ghost your eyes light upon

Twice click to see what you find!



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