Drink ……. not me officer!! (or one of those “OH F*CK!!” moments)



  I’ve been on Spaces for a bit over 4 years, and have always had 2 spaces one for the  blogging and good stuff and the second for trying stuff out, this was before MSN put on all the gadgets like player and HTML editing and you had to do them all yourself which was time consuming but also fun! (I’m not a geek, honest!!) My main space was "The Only Dive Diva" which some of you may remember but I deleted it about a year ago having got fed up with keeping it going (a mistake now, i realise!) this was the second. and my how things have changed now I’m back to blogging!! (does anybody actually blog or do they just add friends?) (with a couple of exceptions ……. !)

So now because I’m closing my account with my original server Orange (formally Wanadoo, formally freeserve).image01010 I decided to open a new account with live mail.com (and a new space for testing purposes)and gradually switch over all my friends to that email address, as I already have hotmail, to which I’d already imported the original list to, and to which this space is attached  (I didn’t want to use my hotmail as my main email address, as sending "official" emails from "wobblyone…etc" didn’t seem the best thing to be doing!) I thought simple I’ll just import all my contacts over from the hotmail account…….

Now making a decision to do anything when you’ve just got back from the pub is a ………….

            BIG MISTAKE!! …..because, it imported ALL the stored addresses in the csv file, that is – everyone I have an email address for, (inc. people I had on hotmail, but didn’t particularly want on the new msn, or give my new address too) then adds them to messenger, then it sends out invitations to everyone on this list, regardless of whether you want them or not, to join you on messenger! And I didn’t realise any of this until … I opened  the messenger to check it out this morning!


So far ………. I have been added by 2 pervs, met on dating sites and quickly blocked and deleted when I was offered web cam viewing ??? …….2 ex boyfriends, some confused friends and 5 people I don’t even remember, there are 60 odd people on that list, it’ll be interesting to see who or what comes next!

Did I eat a big a BIG bowl of stupid? ……… It seems I did!!!





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