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Had lots of googles/msn/simpatico searches, (ok a few) mostly in the middle of the night and nearly all have *SEX* in the search (and/or tits, boobs, porn) but this one I found really amusing!
‘watch a movie on how to have sex no downloading free no blokes’
and of course putting "no blokes" in the search didn’t actually stop "blokes" coming up in the results. (and did they mean no blokes at all??) The surprising thing was there was only 2370, results!
Wonder if they ever found out how to have sex??
This may help ….. or put you off for life!!!!
As for the rest of you lot doing the searches ….
hope you’re not disapointed when you come to my site and find
no porn/tits/boobs or sex?
Gee type footnote: Now I’ve mentioned, porn/tits/boobs/sex,  again I’ll get loads more googles! So I’m going to mention – dick/cock/penis/pussy,fanny,  see what else  that turns up
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