Feeling a bit down lately so put some new pics on of fun times!
Then Rick and my mate Mim came over the other night and after a couple of bottles of wine, we decided to have a slightly, ok more than a bit slightly, tipsy game on my new Wii, and have to say I haven’t laughed so much in ages!!!!
First we tried our hand at the Slalom, and trust me, trying to balance on the  board, when balancing is the last thing your capable of, to guide those skis through, round, over and sometimes under, although you can’t actually go under but for some reason you feel the need to duck, when you hit those gates!!! Is one of the funniest thing to watch! And frigging difficult to do, under the influence!
Then we tried the Ski Jump! I was utter crap at that, the idea is you lean forward on the balance board to make yourself go faster, the when you hit the jump zone, spring up, keeping your feet on the board to make the jump. This was beyond my capabilities at the time and I crashed and burned on several occasions, well, not so much  burned, more ended up as a giant snowball, with my skis, hands and head sticking out as it careered down the course (with sound effects, which Rick and Mim seemed to think, was extremely funny (can’t imagine why!!!!)
After that boxing which, even though Rick used to box, none of us were very good at! Then Football headers which seemed easier, until you got smacked in the mooie (moowie?) with an object other than a football …. ie a boot or for some reason a panda!!
the sound effects for this had us in fits!! (OK pissed right!)
Then 10 pin bowling which we all were pretty good at! And the "STRIKE" dances became more stupid each time!
Today ……. I’ve pulled a muscle in my bum (don’t ask!) and ache in places I didn’t even know I had, and although Rick is a pretty fit bloke, he says the same! (Not the bum bit though!)
Now I know why it’s called Wii …… cos you nearly wee yourself laughing! ……
"The best fun you can have with your clothes on"
Rematch tonight …… dress optional!!
Footnote: If your looking for a chrissie present for the kids this is most definitely it ………
and when the kids have gone to bed ………………………!
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2 Responses to Weeeeeeeeeeeee

  1. Mim says:

    Yea but you didn\’t mention the wheel thingy that Rick did 30 of while we were chatting and I could only manage 2 and then ended up laying on the floor LOL

  2. Mandy says:

    I wanted to save your blushes!

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