The Weekend

Don’t you just love life’s little coincidences?
Went to a friends local Saturday afternoon, he’d been roped into doing the bbq
at a classic bike day at the Worlds End Pub, Tilbury. Having been announced on Essex radio
the turn out was pretty good, with some 50-60 odd British bikes, including a Sunbeam and several Nortons and BSAs as well as the usual fatboys and trikes, and with a fairly good rock band and half decent weather it was a good day out!
Not been there more than 10 minutes, when a guy queueing for burgers, looked familiar, he said "I know you don’t I, but where from …. ?"
I said "the Beachcomber and Isle of Man TT, about 35 years ago, I never forget a face …..
just their frigging names!! Which turned out to be Barry but we knew him as the General (don’t ask!!)
he had with him another guy also from the Beachcomber!! I had literally not seen Barry for 28years, 5 months , I can be precise on that matter because he worked as an orderly, in Orsett Hospital, and I last met him the week my 28 year son was born!! We spent ages catching up! (and they both live about 2 miles away!!)
Then today in the shop a guy said don’t I know you? Once again I knew thew the face …..He supplied the name Terry!
A guy I knew about 15 years (went out with very briefly) and lives about 3 turnings away from me!!
Jeezzzzzzz ……….. !!!!
(still I suppose it’s flattering they remembered me after all this time ….. one said the face is older, the smile is still the same …… aaaaaawwwwww !!)
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One Response to The Weekend

  1. Wolfy. says:

    I can\’t think what mean……….there are 7 guys on my friends list too.
    I hope life is being kind to you………………………………………..cheeky.
    Love and hug. Wolfy xXx

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