Aaaaaww !!!

Little Megan Olivia, my first Grandchild was born Tuesday, 22nd April, 2008.
Weighing in at ….10.5 lbs! (a little under 5kg, I think!)
I’ve been reluctant to write about it, because the poor little mite, has been in intensive care ever since,  and with my luck lately I didn’t want to jinx anything!!
She caught a lung infection, not uncommon in babies born by C-section,
and has been on intravenous anti-biotics ever since and in an incubater, with various other tubes and what not around and it’s been a tad worrying to say the least!!
She seems to be on the mend now, thankfully, as you can see by the pics!
with, who is bound to be her fave aunt, Jels, (who has plans to make sure that happens!)
She’s not out of the NICU yet but is definitely getting better!
New job isn’t going too bad, not sure about the shifts though, specially
the 3 that have me up at 5 am! But the money’s not bad
and it gets me out of the house! Just have to get back into it again!
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One Response to Aaaaaww !!!

  1. Wolfy. says:

    Hello Mandxx.
    Many congrats on becoming a granny 🙂 nice space you have here.
    I hope my visit finds you happy and well.
    Best regards. Wolfy.

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