Come into the light

Well thank fuck for an end to last year, was definitely losing it towards the end there!!
The year started off, having to replace lighting and wiring, after it blew up in the bathroom,  while I was on Holiday, and a £250 bill!
 then there was the discovery I’d had a "basal ulcer" (rodent ulcer, sounds like I have a rat!! it’s a form of skin cancer)) on my face, for 2 years and had to have it surgically removed, (nice scar though!)
then my fridge finally died, so new fridge, (more expence!)
 REAL shit going on at work,
a relationship that finally gave up the ghost
(what exactly does "giving up the ghost" mean?)
just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, there was the attack on my daughter,
probably the worst part of the year, (see last 2 entries) and left me with all sorts of guilt that, basically, I couldn’t really cope with,
which resulted in me telling my boss to stuff his job (yes exactly that!)! (Not the cleverest of moves just before Christmas)
then, in December, after 5 radiators all sprung leaks at once (shit new build houses!!) I had to have them all replaced
and a bill for £1060 followed!! (and no job…. GREAT!!)
But as the radiator in the bathroom leaked, it’s come through the ceiling in the kitchen which needs replastering now.
AND with all this stress, the IBS which I have suffered from the past 3 years, has gone into overdrive, I sound a lot like a coffee perculater left on the stove too long and haven’t slept properly for months!
The first Christmas the family were all going to be at my house didn’t happen, because No 3 son’s girlfriend, had a row with No 1 son’s girlfriend and refused to be in the same house as her! (barring that though, it was a good day! and Christmas Eve was a blast!!)
So ….. New year, and I think I see the light, looking forward to my first grandchild being born in April, a girl, and looking for a new job, and who knows, I may even win the lottery this year, which, possibly, would be easier, if I bought a ticket!!
So I’ll leave you with this thought
With the earthquake the
 other night it really makes you think……


 What with all the news on TV lately, about the hurricanes, thatAmerica is
 experiencing, the typhoons in China, flooding in Switzerland and recent

 mud slides in South America, we shouldn’t forget that the UK has its share
of devastating natural disasters too.
 Attached is a photo illustrating the damage caused to my home from the
 earthquake that occurred the other night. 

 It really makes you cherish what you have,
and reminds us not to take
 things for granted.
 So do take care of yourselves and be safe.
The damage was ….really bad!

Quick update on Court Case……
In fact, barring a date for the first court appearance in April, there is no more news,
 but I will update when I know more!
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2 Responses to Come into the light

  1. paul says:

    The UK is  Natural Disaster Zone 😛
    A comment on MSN Spaces WOW
    *Sits and waits for app request* LOL 😀

  2. Snoopz says:

    No wonder you write!
    I don\’t know what to say really mate except… YES.. you ARE too sexy!

    Give up the ghost
    To die, or in the case of inanimate objects, to cease working.
    There are many uses of this phrase in the Bible, including Acts 12:23 (King James Version: "And immediately the angel of the Lord smote him, because he gave not God the glory: and he was eaten of worms, and gave up the ghost."
    The metaphorical use of the phrase, i.e. in relation to something not living and not able to become a ghost, is 19th century. For example, James Kirke Paulding\’s, Westward Ho!, 1832, includes:

    "At length it gave up the ghost, and, like an over-cultivated intellect, became incurably barren."
    Sounds like utter bollox to me but you DID ask…
    LOve Snoopz

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