Update …. Monday 26th….

When I decided to write about this, I didn’t realise how incredibly difficult it would be, to actually talk about what happened, it’s taken me days to sit down and update the last blog, and I have to make this factual, not emotional.
First, a man has been charged, (17 year old, so boy really) with (technical)rape, for the second attack, but as my daughter was unable to 100% positively id the man, they are hoping to get forensic evidence, from her clothes, handbag, and cctv footage, as it was almost certainly the same man, to charge him with her attack too, and apparently there was 2 other attempts previous to hers!
 She’s had to make several more statements, and myself 2 more too, just to get all the facts down cleary, unfortunately, this only brings back some unwanted memories, thankfully, that’ll be all for a while. Now we have to wait and see.
I have, like I’m sure we all have, seen reports such as these on a regular basis in the news papers, and just passed them by, as an almost everyday occurance, and not given them much thought, now ……….
Well, tell me, what do you see when you shut your eyes?
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