Monday …….. 26th November

Where to begin …….

The day started like any normal day, my daughter rushing around getting ready for work, me having my first cuppa……..

Hours later, a knock on the door, and she’s standing, crying, muddy, hair a mess, there’s a dog beside her, my first thought…….. “the dog’s attacked her!” …… second thought …… “then bought her home?” ……. third thought……. “That’s stupid!!”

I look round the door, and there’s a man standing holding the dog on a lead, he said “She’s been attacked!”

Everything started running in slow motion, I hold her, bring her inside, phone the police, phone Mim, the man looking distraught, says, “I wanted to hug her, say every things alright now, but I didn’t want to scare her.” I take his name, Paul, his phone number.

Mim arrives, the police arrive, they tell my daughter to change out of her clothes so they can bag everything, for evidence, then we go with them to pinpoint, where the attack happened, more police arrive, SOCO, detectives, at the spot, Mill Wood, Chafford Gorge Nature Park..

We go to the police station to make a statement, I listen to what happened……

She escaped because she fought back, with 3 brothers she knows how to fight, and she fought, even when the man held a knife and pleaded and fought some more, eventually got away.

Over the next couple of days, she had to make an efit, make more statements, then on Thursday, came the news that there had been another attack, in the same place, the same description, a man about 6’, wearing dark clothes, late teens/early twenties, the second victim was young, and not as strong as my daughter. And couldn’t get away.

They have both had to go to Id a man, but he wasn’t the attacker. Serous crime squad, have taken over the 2 cases, and it continues………..

Any one in the area, either Monday around, 6.30pm or Thursday, 4.30 who may have seen this man, PLEASE contact Grays police ……..

The rest of you take care.

She said I could write this as long as I didn’t get too emotional, I have always found writing stuff down that bothered me, cathartic, but writing this, reminds me of the dread that creeps into my soul when I think of what might have been

I will be coming back to update as and when I can.

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