his gifts

The Gifts

With tenderness he held me

With humour made me smile

With softness and sincerity

He made my life worthwhile

With jokes he brought me laughter

With kindness brought me joy

With words he brought me happiness

Was this a cunning ploy?

With flattery he brought confidence

With looks he brought me cheer

With love and understanding

He took away my fear

With music he brought me wonder

With friendship he brought peace

He also helped me clear my mind

And calm the raging beast.


2nd ending

And in the test of time we stood

Two people still, in life

But then he took the CD player

And went back to his wife!

(Alternate ending! For those smooshy moments!)

3rd ending

And if the test of time we stand

And sometimes our selves we bare

I will think of times to come

And moments we will share!



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