Well the people who’re on spaces

Are looking pretty grim

When all we get are errors

And lost blogs on MSN

Spaces are not available

it tells us all the time

And then there’s a catastrophe

And It kicks us all off line!

We all put our music codes

To download our own tracks

Then they changed the f*cking rules

Behind our very backs!

We want to put on pictures

Right in between the lines

But can’t just copy/paste the things

We have to host the files!

And now we all have player

For music and for vids

But still we have to host our songs

Our own stuff it forbids

And when it all goes smoothly

And our fingers we all cross

He shut it down and changed it round

Bill Gates’ the F*cking BOSS

So work it out at Microsoft

Cos we all take the view

That if things don’t change young Billy

We’re all off to Yahoo!

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One Response to Spaces?

  1. Robin says:

    nice. I do enjoy a bit of poetry and you\’re pretty good. ofcourse he doesn\’t exactly benefit in any way from us using this free service. Other than to remain a house hold name and to deny to the less knowledgable that there is an alternative.And yes microsoft programs are often badly written, cumbersome, contain memory leaks and reak of corporate america…. but atleast it\’s not bloody linux

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